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Restore the New Smell & Look Of Your Interior

At FC Auto Detailing in Charlotte, we elevate interior detailing to a higher standard.

We rejuvenate your car’s interior to a pristine condition with services including steam cleaning, heavy stain removal, and interior shampooing.

Our comprehensive approach effectively addresses odors, reinstating that new-car feel and scent. Our meticulous focus on details guarantees a revitalized interior, augmenting your driving experience in Charlotte.

Interior car detailing

INterior Cleaning Packages

Full Inside Detail

Our Full Interior Cleaning service transforms your car's interior to a like-new condition. We meticulously clean, detail, and shampoo everything from your seats, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, to your carpet, ensuring every inch of your car's interior is spotless.

  • Remove all big items.
  • Thorough vacuum 
  • Shampoo seats, Carpet, and floor mats
  • Detail and disinfect all plastics/leather surfaces.
  • Clean mirrors and windows 
  • Door jambs pressure wash
  • Final inspection and touch ups

Average Prices

Small (miata) $160-$200 

Medium(camry/range rover) $260- $300   

large (large suv/trucks) $280-$340)

*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Basic Inside detail

Opt for our Basic Interior Detail for a cost-effective, maintenance-level service. It's designed to significantly clean your car's interior quickly and affordably, ensuring a fresher, cleaner space without the extra time or expense.

  • Door jambs pressure wash 
  • Wiping down of all plastics and leather pieces
  • Vacuum 
  • Windows cleaning 

Average Prices

small(miata) $50

Medium (camry/range rover) $80

Large (big SUV/trucks) $100-$140

*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Odor Removal

Complete removal of embedded odors using various methods.

Starting at $600

Interior Detailing Specialists

From interior surface cleaning to deep car conditioning, we have mastered the art of making each and every vehicle look brand new after only one interior detailing.

You’ll be surprised by how fast, easy, and affordable it is to maintain your car in that way when you choose us to handle all your car detailing needs.

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, from your SUV to recreational vehicle to your daily compact commuter car, there is no job too big for us to handle with ease. Our team will amaze you with the results every time.

Interior car detailing
Interior car detailing

Our Cleaning Methods

Our cleaning methods include using expert techniques combined with high-quality products to both clean and sanitize your car interior.

Using cloth cleaning methods on the delicate parts, we can assure that nothing gets scratched or damaged during the cleaning process.

The carpets are steam and brush cleaned, removing even the stickiest of messes.

Even hard to clean stains and spills like candy and gum, melted crayons, and food and pet stains are easily removed with our expert processes.

Not only can we get to the noticeable stuff like grape juice on the carpet and dried ketchup on the seats, but our meticulous attention to detail and superior cleaning products can also remove hazardous biological spills such as blood and vomit from the upholstery to the carpets.

No stain is too deep or dire for us to be able to remove it as if it was never there.

Sanitize And Deodorize Your Car Interior

FC Auto Detailing offers a wide range of services that will sanitize and deodorize your car’s interior. From steam cleaning to stain removal treatments, we have the right techniques and products to safely and effectively remove dirt and oil from seats, floor mats, carpet, leather, and vinyl.

From dash to the instrument panel, from seat covers to hood liner, we can refurbish your car’s interior back to luxury livability.

Not only can grime and grease affect the quality of your enjoyment of driving in your car, even the unseen particles can wreak havoc in other ways. Removing allergens and dust from the inside of your vehicle helps not only the longevity of the interior but positively impacts your family’s health.

By using microorganism-eliminating ozone generators during our car cleaning process, even the smallest of particles of bacteria, fungus, and microorganisms are removed, thereby protecting you from the effects of those tiny bugs.

The sanitizing and deodorizing process adds value to your life, which is our main goal.

Interior car detailing
Interior car detailing

Why Choose US?

Imagine the feeling of having your interior smelling and looking amazing after just one interior detailing by our car care experts. FC Auto Detailing has the experience, expertise, and equipment to get your car, truck, van, or SUV to look like it did when it was brand new.

Our commitment to our customers is unparalleled as we strive to be the best in the industry in our area. You’ll notice the difference right away when you choose us as your qualified auto detailer. It is our honor and pleasure to serve our clients with the highest quality products and services designed to make each vehicle look and feel like a showroom piece.

You’ll love the finished product when we uncover the beauty of your car interior that has diminished over time. Your satisfaction is measured for us in how excited you are to drive your car with its fully restored interior. So, let’s get you on the road to loving your prized automobile like you did when it was new.

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