#1 Ceramic Coating in Charlotte

5.0 
years of Durability & Protection
Experience long-lasting protection and enhanced performance with our Ceramic Coating installation.
A paint that always Looks Freshly Waxed
Achieve a gloss far surpassing that of wax, ensuring your car maintains its shiny, pristine appearance for extended periods between washes.

Get Years of Gloss & Protection

Ceramic coating is more than just a protective layer; it forms a chemical bond with your car's clear coat, acting as a robust barrier.

At FC Auto Detailing in Charlotte, we use a professional, high-end car ceramic coating known for its exceptional durability and quality.

This coating offers numerous benefits, providing long-term protection against common issues such as staining, etching, discoloration, and oxidation that many car owners in Charlotte face.

Its hydrophobic properties also simplify maintenance, as it repels water and dirt, ensuring your car maintains a freshly waxed appearance all year round.

As professional ceramic coating applicators, we offer not just superior products to our Charlotte clients but also the necessary expertise and precise application techniques.

Opting for our ceramic coating service is an investment in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, ensuring it retains a lasting shine on the vibrant streets of Charlotte.

Our Coating Packages

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