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Car Detailing Services

Mobile Detailing Experts

Superior shine and a convenient detailing experience are guaranteed when choosing FC Auto Detailing. Call us now, we provide many different detailing services that will keep your car looking amazing every time, while saving you time with our free at home mobile detailing service. Not only do we take pride in cleaning, restoring, and protecting your vehicle, but we also treat your car like one of our own.

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Free At Home Service

FC Auto Detailing offers a convenient, time-saving solution with its free at-home vehicle detailing service. Customers enjoy the luxury of professional car care without leaving their homes, as skilled technicians arrive equipped to provide comprehensive cleaning and detailing. This service blends convenience with quality, ensuring vehicles are meticulously cared for at the customer's doorstep.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

At FC Auto Detailing, we only utilize the finest materials available and offer a guarantee on all labor. Our dedication to quality is unwavering, and we ensure that time constraints never compromise the standard of our work. We prioritize providing realistic timelines that respect our clients' schedules. Our commitment to honest customer service means that your vehicle will only be considered complete and up to par when you are fully satisfied with the finished work.

Precise Attention to Details

In Charlotte, we're recognized for our thorough and detailed approach. We meticulously tend to every part of your vehicle, guaranteeing an impeccable detailing job that restores a brand new appearance and sensation.


Ceramic Coating

FC Auto Detailing takes vehicle protection to the next level with their ceramic coating service. Designed to offer unparalleled defense against contaminants, staining, etching, and oxidation, this service ensures your car remains pristine. The coating forms a hydrophobic layer, making maintenance almost effortless. With durability options that range from 1 to 9+ years, you can choose the level of protection that best suits your needs. It's more than just a service; it's the ultimate care that your car deserves.

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Car DetailinG

In Charlotte, FC Auto Detailing stands out in car cleaning services. Our comprehensive approach includes steam cleaning, thorough interior shampooing, leather treatment, exterior washing, and waxing. Our dedicated team is focused on rejuvenating the beauty and comfort of your car's interior, ensuring it is spotlessly clean and welcoming.

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Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing surface scratches and imperfections from a paint job. It often involves using machine polishers, waxes, fillers, and other products. Truly corrected work will no longer have scratches after the work has been done.

Correction might benefit you if your paint has a dull or hazy appearance. Correction is highly labor and skill-intensive, so it is important to hire a professional to restore the high gloss finish on your car. It can be one of the more expensive and time-absorbing aspects of getting your wash, so we can offer a quote on how much time and energy it will take to get rid of the blemishes and swirls in your paint

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Interior Car DetailinG

Your car endures a lot - from food spills and dog hair to children's wear and tear. Sticky residues, crumbs in cushion crevices, and damp carpets are typical when we start detailing. But no matter the state of your car, our advanced tools and technology meticulously clean every corner.

Our interior detailing is thorough, leaving your vehicle feeling like new. Clients often marvel at the transformation, likening it to having new carpets and seats. Regular and thorough interior servicing not only maintains its appearance but also preserves its value over time.

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Exterior Car Detailing

Your car's exterior battles elements like sun, wind, rain, and road contaminants, which can degrade its finish. Regular cleaning is vital to prevent damage, but beware of drive-thru washes with outdated equipment that might do more harm than good.

We prioritize using well-maintained, high-quality equipment for all our services. Our meticulous approach, from spraying to buffing, ensures we address each issue with the right solution. We combine top-tier products with expert hand-cleaning to enhance your car's beauty from bumper to bumper. Trust in our exterior detailing expertise for reliable auto protection every time!

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Your Complete Guide To Professional Car Detailing

In our role as professional car detailers, we pride ourselves on the intricate and comprehensive process that constitutes professional car detailing. This process is a meticulous endeavor aimed at not just cleaning but rejuvenating a vehicle to significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal and overall condition. It goes beyond mere car washing, delving into deep cleaning that targets the removal of accumulated dirt, grime, and pollutants.

The Advantages of Professional Detailing

Choosing professional detailing is not merely about enhancing the vehicle's appearance. It plays a crucial role in preserving the car's value, protecting various surfaces such as paint and glass from harmful UV rays, contaminants, and the wear and tear of everyday use. Importantly, it also maintains the car's interior, averting premature wear and potentially saving significant expenses over time.

Professional Detailing Vs. Standard Washing

The fundamental difference between detailing and regular car washing is the depth of cleaning. Standard washes mainly tackle surface-level dirt, whereas detailing involves a thorough process that reaches even the most inaccessible areas. Detailing employs specialized tools and high-grade products, aiming not just to clean but to restore and enhance the vehicle's overall look and condition.

Choosing the Right Detailing Service

Selecting the ideal car detailing service involves:

  1. Assessing Your Needs: Understand what your car needs in terms of cleaning.
  2. Researching Companies: Look for reputable companies with good reviews and transparent pricing.
  3. Considering Your Budget: Find a service that aligns with your budget without compromising on quality.

DIY Vs. Professional Detailing

While DIY detailing might seem cost-effective, professional detailing offers expertise, experience, and access to specialized tools and products, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance that might be challenging to achieve on your own.

As expert car detailers, we understand the nuances of this process and strive to deliver a service that not only cleans but truly rejuvenates and protects your vehicle, maintaining its value and appeal over time.

The Convenience and Time-Saving Advantages of Our Mobile Car Detailing Service

Mobile detailing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its convenience and time-saving benefits.

Instead of having to take your car to a physical location and wait for it to be detailed, mobile detailing services come directly to you at home or work.

This not only saves time but also allows for greater flexibility in scheduling appointments.

Our mobile car detailing is a convenient and time-saving way to keep your car looking its best without having to take it to a traditional shop. Here are the most common advantages our customers experience with or at home servce:

Scheduling Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of mobile detailing is the scheduling flexibility it offers.

With traditional detailing shops, you often have to schedule an appointment weeks in advance and then drop off your car for the day.

With our detailing van, you can typically schedule an appointment within a few days, and our mobile detailer will come to your location at a time that works for you.

This can be especially convenient for busy people who don't have time to take their car to a shop and wait around for it to be detailed.

On-the-Go Service

Another advantage of our mobile car detailing is that it can be done on-the-go.

Whether you're at home, at work, or out running errands, our mobile van can come to your location and detail your car while you go about your day.

This means you don't have to take time out of your busy schedule to drop off your car and wait for it to be detailed.

You can simply go about your day while the our team takes care of your car.

The Exterior Detailing Process

Exterior detailing is a multi-step process designed to restore the vehicle's exterior to its pristine state. Here's an expanded look at each step:

  1. Pre-Wash and Engine Bay Cleaning: We begin with a pre-wash phase, where we gently rinse the vehicle to remove loose dirt. This is followed by a thorough cleaning of the engine bay, using specialized degreasers and brushes to remove grime and oil build-up, ensuring the engine's appearance matches the rest of the vehicle.
  2. Hand Washing and Drying: This critical step involves hand washing with pH-balanced shampoos to ensure a gentle yet effective cleanse. We use soft sponges and microfiber towels to avoid scratching the paint. After washing, we meticulously dry the vehicle with microfiber towels or air blowers to prevent water spots and ensure a spotless surface.
  3. Paint Claying: Paint claying is vital for removing embedded contaminants like tar, sap, and industrial fallout. The clay bar is gently moved across the car's surface, picking up particles that normal washing can't.
  4. Paint Correction: This step addresses imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. Using a combination of rotary and dual-action polishers, we methodically work on each panel, restoring the paint's original luster.
  5. Sealing or Waxing: To protect the paint and give it a glossy finish, we apply a high-quality sealant or wax. This adds a protective layer against environmental elements and enhances the vehicle's shine.
  6. Ceramic Coating (Optional): For long-term protection, a ceramic coating can be applied. This coating forms a hard, protective layer over the paint, offering superior resistance to scratches, chemicals, and UV rays.
  7. Final Touches: The detailing process concludes with cleaning and polishing other exterior parts like windows, wheels, tires, and trim. This ensures every aspect of the vehicle's exterior reflects attention to detail and care.

The Interior Detailing Process

Interior detailing is equally as comprehensive, focusing on deep cleaning and preserving the interior. Here's a closer look:

  1. Initial Inspection and Vacuuming: We start with an inspection to identify problem areas. Then, we thoroughly vacuum the interior, including hard-to-reach areas like under the seats and crevices.
  2. Shampooing and Steam Cleaning: Carpets and upholstery are shampooed to remove stains and dirt. Steam cleaning is used for a deeper clean, effectively removing stubborn stains and sanitizing the surfaces without using harsh chemicals.
  3. Leather Treatment: For leather interiors, we use pH-balanced leather cleaners followed by a high-quality leather conditioner. This not only cleans the leather but also keeps it supple, preventing cracks and wear.
  4. Cleaning Hard Surfaces: Dashboard, door panels, and other hard surfaces are meticulously cleaned with appropriate cleaners to remove dust and grime. We pay special attention to preserving the material's integrity while ensuring a thorough clean.
  5. Odor Elimination: We use professional-grade products to neutralize and eliminate any unpleasant odors, leaving the interior smelling fresh and clean.
  6. Detailing Tight Spaces: Areas like air vents, small crevices, and buttons are cleaned with specialized tools to ensure every nook and cranny is addressed.
  7. Glass Cleaning: We finish by cleaning all glass surfaces inside the vehicle, ensuring a streak-free finish for optimal visibility and aesthetics.

In both exterior and interior detailing, our approach is thorough, careful, and tailored to the specific needs of each vehicle. Our goal is to not only clean but also preserve and protect, ensuring that every vehicle we work on is returned to its owner in a condition that’s as close to new as possible.