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Save Time & Hassle With Our MObile Car Detailing Service

Our mobile detailing service at FC Auto Detailing represents the ultimate in convenience and efficiency for car maintenance.

Recognizing the importance of your time, we deliver our top-notch detailing services directly to your location, be it your home or workplace.

This approach not only spares you the inconvenience of long waits or time spent in a waiting room but also removes the need to arrange alternative transport or deal with traffic.

Our mobile service is crafted to integrate smoothly into your hectic schedule, allowing you to continue with your day's activities while we expertly attend to your vehicle.

Choosing us for your car detailing needs means not only saving time but also ensuring that your car receives the finest care in the most convenient manner available.

Mobile Detailing Packages

Full Inside Detail

Our Full Interior Cleaning service transforms your car's interior to a like-new condition. We meticulously clean, detail, and shampoo everything from your seats, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, to your carpet, ensuring every inch of your car's interior is spotless.

  • Remove all big items.
  • Thorough vacuum 
  • Shampoo seats, Carpet, and floor mats
  • Detail and disinfect all plastics/leather surfaces.
  • Clean mirrors and windows 
  • Door jambs pressure wash
  • Final inspection and touch ups

Average Prices

Small (miata) $160-$200 

Medium(camry/range rover) $260- $300   

large (large suv/trucks) $280-$340)

*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Basic Inside detail

Opt for our Basic Interior Detail for a cost-effective, maintenance-level service. It's designed to significantly clean your car's interior quickly and affordably, ensuring a fresher, cleaner space without the extra time or expense.

  • Door jambs pressure wash 
  • Wiping down of all plastics and leather pieces
  • Vacuum 
  • Windows cleaning 

Average Prices

small(miata) $50

Medium (camry/range rover) $80

Large (big SUV/trucks) $100-$140

*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Premium Wash

  • Clean wheels, tires, and gas cap,
  • Pre-spray to remove bugs and bird drops.
  • Wash the vehicle with dedicated wash mitts and soaps.
  • Dry vehicle with a drying towel and blower,
  • Apply tire shine.

Average Prices

Small (miata) $40

Medium (camry/ range rover) $50

Large (big SUV/trucks) $70

*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Add-on Services


  • Pet hair removal $40-$80
  • Headliner shampoo $100
  • Seats removal $100


Headlights Restoration

  • Start sanding headlight with 800 grit
  • Move on to 1,000 grit
  • Move on to 1,500 grit
  • Move on to 2,500 grit 
  • Move on to 3,000 grit
  • Compound headlights
  • Polish headlights 
  • Apply protection for a year

Average Prices


*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Engine bay cleaning 

  • Inspect engine bay
  • Recognize and cover all sensitive areas
  • Spray and agitate
  • Dry with blower 
  • Apply dressing
  • Final touch ups and inspection

Starting at $70

*Extra Charge for excessively dirty vehicles or Larger sized vehicles.


Odor Removal

  • Remove all loose items 
  • Remove seats
  • Vacuum 
  • Shampoo headliner, seats, carpets, and floor mats.
  • Steam clean and scrub all plastic and leather areas.
  • Pressure wash door jambs
  • Dry all shampooed areas with fans\
  • Put seats back inside
  • Run ozone treatment for as long as needed
  • Clean windows
  • Inspection and touch ups.

Starting at $650

Restore The Gloss Of Your Car

For individuals looking for the highest level of gloss and protection for their vehicle, we suggest exploring our specialized paint correction and ceramic coating services at FC Auto Detailing. These premium options take the detailing experience to a higher level, guaranteeing that your car doesn’t just look fantastic, but is also shielded from environmental contaminants.

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Why Mobile Car Detailing is the Superior Choice for Today's Car Owners

In our fast-moving world, mobile car detailing has emerged as a top choice for keeping vehicles in pristine condition. It's not just a trend; it's a practical solution for those who value their time and car. Let's dive into why mobile car detailing stands out as the better choice for your next car care session.

Experience Ultimate Convenience with Mobile Car Detailing

The most striking benefit of mobile car detailing is its unmatched convenience. Picture this: no more driving to a shop, no more waiting in line. The service comes directly to you, whether you're at home, at work, or even at the gym. Available seven days a week, these services fit perfectly into your hectic schedule, making car care a hassle-free experience.

Comprehensive Services Right at Your Doorstep

Mobile car detailing goes beyond just a simple wash. These professionals bring a complete suite of services including thorough interior cleaning, expert waxing, and meticulous polishing. Imagine having your car transformed inside and out, all without the need to visit multiple locations. The use of professional-grade equipment and products ensures your car isn’t just cleaned, but revitalized.

Unbeatable Advantages of Mobile Car Detailing

Here’s why mobile car detailing is a game-changer:

  1. Time-Saving Convenience: The service comes to you. You can continue with your day, uninterrupted, while your car gets the care it deserves.
  2. Tailored Services for Your Car: Each vehicle receives individualized attention. The detailers assess your car’s needs and your preferences, offering a customized detailing experience.
  3. Guaranteed Quality and Professionalism: Expert detailers armed with the latest tools and techniques ensure your car is not just cleaned, but cared for with the highest standards.

Mobile Detailing vs. Traditional Car Wash: A Thorough Comparison

When compared to traditional car washes, mobile detailing offers distinct advantages. While standard car washes might save you a few bucks, they often fall short in providing the detailed attention your car needs. Mobile detailing, although slightly more expensive, offers value through meticulous service and personalized care. Moreover, the eco-friendly approach of mobile services, utilizing less water and safer products, makes it a more responsible choice for the environment and your health.

A Deep Dive into Our Detailing Process

Our detailing process is meticulous, divided into several key areas:

  • Exterior Detailing: This involves deep cleaning, polishing, and protecting your car’s exterior. Specialized tools are used to gently yet effectively remove dirt and grime, followed by a clay bar treatment for a flawless surface before polishing and waxing.
  • Interior Detailing: Here, we focus on vacuuming, shampooing, and conditioning the interior, ensuring every corner is dirt-free and every surface is treated with care, preserving the look and feel of your car’s interior.
  • Specialized Treatments: For those requiring extra attention, we offer services like deep cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, headlight restoration to bring back clarity, and meticulous engine cleaning.

Selecting the Ideal Mobile Detailing Service

Choosing the right service is crucial. Consider these factors:

  • Variety in Detailing Packages: Assess the range of services offered to find a package that aligns with your needs and budget.
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Gauge the quality of service through feedback from previous clients.
  • Expertise of the Detailing Technicians: Ensure that the service employs skilled technicians familiar with the latest in car detailing technology and techniques.

Answering Your Questions About Mobile Car Detailing

Let’s address some common queries:

Why Choose Mobile Detailing Over Traditional Shops?

Convenience, personalized service, and comprehensive care set mobile detailing apart.

How Does Mobile Detailing Save Time?

It eliminates the need to travel to a shop, reducing your effort and scheduling hassles.

Expectations from a Professional Service:

A wide range of top-quality services, from exterior to interior detailing, using the best products and equipment.

Maintaining Car Value:

Regular detailing preserves your car’s condition, helping maintain its value over time.

Recommended Detailing Frequency:

Generally, every three to six months, depending on factors like usage and environmental conditions.

Ensuring Service Quality and Thoroughness:

Professional detailers use a systematic approach, high-quality products, and thorough inspections to guarantee satisfaction.

Mobile car detailing is not just a service; it's a convenient, high-quality solution for maintaining your vehicle's appearance and value. It's a smart choice for the modern car owner who values both their car and their time.