How to Perform an Interior Deep Clean?

Performing an interior deep clean on your vehicle will help to keep it in top condition and increase its resale value. Many common household items can be used to clean your car’s interior. It’s important to understand that not all cleaning products will work, and some might damage your car’s finish. 

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For the most part, most DIY-ers start with vacuuming the car’s headliner and carpeting. However, that isn’t enough to keep your car looking clean. Using a vacuum with different attachments can help to reach areas you can’t reach by hand. 

A car’s dashboard is often neglected when it comes to cleaning, but it’s important to do so. A cleaning solution with a foam applicator can help remove the dash’s hazy wax and prevent premature cracking. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the dashboard and other surfaces. 

You should also use a specialty wipe to clean your steering wheel. A silicone baking cup can be used to line cup holders, helping to reduce residue. A duster can also help to remove dust. 

You can also use an over-the-seat organizer to store travel items or snacks. It’s also a good idea to vacuum the floor mats before you start cleaning. A damp microfiber cloth can also be used to remove dust and grime from the interior. 

Another good idea is to clean the center console. You should also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove embedded dust from vinyl surfaces. You can also use a small, multi-purpose interior detailer to clean vinyl surfaces. 

In addition to vacuuming, you should also use a hose to remove loose grime. This can be especially useful for the dashboard, as well as for the cupholders, door panels, and other areas of the vehicle. If you’re a bit more ambitious, you can even try using a brush to clean the dashboard. 

You should also take a few minutes to do a thorough cleaning of the dashboard and steering wheel. These areas can get quite dirty, especially during warm weather. Dirt tends to get stuck in the tiny grooves of texturing. A good water brush can also help to clean these areas. 

Finally, make sure to use an air freshener to freshen up the interior. You can test the smell of the air freshener before you actually install it. You don’t want to ruin the smell by installing something that doesn’t work. 

A good interior deep clean should be done at least twice a year. The average car can accumulate quite a bit of dust and grime. The amount of dust in your vehicle depends on your lifestyle and driving conditions. The amount of dirt that is actually embedded in your car’s carpets is a whole different story. This is why a deep clean is so important. Performing a thorough clean every few months will help to keep your car looking and smelling good. 

Car interior cleaning can be fun for the whole family. Kids will love to help, but you should remember to be safe while cleaning.