Which Type of Car Wash is Best for Your Finish?

There is no one way to wash a car and that is why it is important to look into what type of car wash is best. While there are a variety of ways to wash your car, some are unsuitable for getting the job done. There are pros and cons to everything, and the same applies to car washing. The purpose of this article is to determine the type of car wash that is best for your finish. Contact us to learn more about automobile detailing charlotte nc

Waterless Wash

The waterless car wash features the use of a spray mixture product that thoroughly soaks or saturates the vehicle’s panel. After spraying the mixture onto your car, microfiber towels or a clean cloth are used to wipe the surface. This spray mixture removes dirt and grime, leaving behind a dry shine. This method is mostly used as a last resort, mostly in the absence of water or if a quick clean is required while on the road.

The pros of this wash are that it doesn’t take long. Secondly, as the name suggests, it doesn’t use water. Therefore, it requires limited products.

The drawback is that waterless washes are not ideal for removing heavy contaminants from your vehicle. Additionally, there is a risk of scratching. Waterless washes cannot compare to the efficiency of a hand wash. Therefore, it’s possible that you can drag some grime or particles across your vehicle,, causing scratches on your finish.

Hand wash – Can I Wash My Car Using Water Alone?

It is said that the best and safest way to wash your car is through using a hand wash. There are multiple ways to do a hand wash. However, they all require soaping or foaming up and washing with a soft mitt, sponge, or other cleaning product.

Hand washes are ideal as they can remove heavy dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Hand washes also reduce the possibility of scratches and are gentle on your car’s finish. The main drawbacks, however, are that it takes a considerable length of time to get done, requires a lot more equipment, requires a lot more water, and could be an expensive venture if you intend to get it done professionally.

Automatic Wash

Automatic washes, also called tunnel washes, require you to drive your vehicle onto a conveyor belt to be guided through a succession of brushes and blowers with soap and water. It is a fast and convenient way to get your car cleaned and is also considered to be economical as it is quite inexpensive. However, grime and other contaminants from previous vehicles can get left behind on the brushes being used on each car. This can lead to scratches and other damage to your car’s finish. The chemicals used in the cleaning products can also be so harsh that they can strip the paint of your car’s bodywork, causing it to fade or crack. What started as an inexpensive venture could end up costing more than you bargained for.

The type of car wash used and how it is done should not be taken lightly. It is important to consider the pros and cons of all types and weigh how you and your car will benefit from the type of wash to be used.

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