When Can I Wash My Car After Ceramic Coating? 

There are some things to keep in mind when washing your car after ceramic coating. You should avoid washing your car in direct sunlight, using an abrasive car wash, and using silicon dioxide maintenance spray. If you choose to wash your car with water, follow the directions on the packaging to avoid damaging your coating. 

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Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight 

If you have a new ceramic coating on your car, you will want to avoid washing it in direct sunlight. The sun’s heat will degrade the coating, which will leave water spots and streaks. To maintain a good finish, you should apply a coating maintenance product every couple of months. The product should be a pH-neutral cleaner that doesn’t contain wax or harsh cleaners. You can also avoid washing your car in direct sunlight by parking it in an area with little to no direct sunlight. 

After your car has been coated with a ceramic paint finish, you can wash it with pH-neutral soap and water. It is best to avoid using detergents as they can cause streaking and damage the coating. 

Avoid abrasive automatic car washes 

Automatic car washes should be avoided if your car has a ceramic coating. These car washes use abrasive chemicals that can damage the ceramic coating and paint. Also, the chemicals used in these automatic car washes contain particles that can damage your car’s finish. To avoid this problem, you should hand wash your car instead of using an automatic wash machine. 

A touchless car wash is a good idea for a car with a ceramic coating because it will not scratch or damage the coating. However, some automatic car washes use brushes that can wear the coating down. These brushes have extremely hard bristles that can mar the finish. You should avoid these car washes and opt for the touch-free variety instead. 

To prolong the life of your ceramic coating, it is recommended that you use a coating maintenance product. These products can extend the life of your coating by a few months. Depending on the type of coating you have, you can use a maintenance spray, drying aid, or soap. It is best to stick with the soap manufactured by the company that applied your ceramic coating so you can be sure that it will not damage your car’s finish. 

Avoid washing your car at a car wash that uses silicon dioxide maintenance spray 

Ceramic-coated cars need regular car washing to maintain their luster and shine. It prevents the buildup of mud, tree sap, and bug guts, and it speeds up the drying process. During the wash, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight, which can cause cracking and deterioration of the coating. Also, avoid car washes with brushes, which introduce swirls into the coating. 

The first step in washing your car after the ceramic coating is to rinse it thoroughly. Then, use a shampoo free of petroleum distillates or wax. A low pH-level shampoo is best. Do not use soaps that contain silicone dioxide, which can cause damage to your coating. After the wash, wipe your car dry with a soft microfiber towel to prevent spotting or scratches. 

Ceramic-coated cars should be hand washed at least once a month. The coating is easy to clean, but if you don’t wash it often, dirt and other contaminants may build up and degrade the coating’s qualities.