Auto Detailing In Charlotte NC

Cleaning and restoring a car to like-new condition is the art and craft of professional automotive detailing. A car wash is far less precise and labor-intensive than car detailing services. Typically, an automobile passes through an automated system at a car wash to get the exterior cleaned. Professional auto detailing services, including exterior and interior car detailing, are always performed by hand.

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What Does Car Detailing Include?

A car detail service uses a range of methods and products to finish the task, depending on the surface condition of your vehicle, your preferences, or the detailer’s decision.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Your windows, tires, chrome trim, and other visible external parts of your automobile will all receive a thorough cleaning from front to back. The exterior of the car is repaired and painted flaking, peeling, and scratching are all removed. By restoring your car’s original polish and applying paint sealant to safeguard its fresh shine, exterior detailing goes a step further.

These are typical exterior detailing services:

Tire dressing

Relighting headlamps

Fixing the bumper

Waxing, polishing, and protection

Treatment of glass and glass chip repair

Specialized wheel cleaning

Painting the trim anew

Engine detailing

Engine pressure cleaning

Overall paint touch up

Basic exterior detailing uses the following products (this is not an exhaustive list):

buffing compounds for paint resurfacing and improving paint finish

degreasers (the acid-free variety that breaks down soil and grime)

detail clay (can be synthetic or natural, removes embedded pollutants/ contaminants from your car’s fiberglass, glass, metal and paint)


polishes and waxes

dressings (non-silicone or silicon varieties, for tires and plastic trim)

surfactants (used to effectively remove dirt by helping them bind to the cleaning mixture better)

drying towels, various applicators and brushes

Typical outward auto detailing procedures include:

Manual Washing, with Drying: Technicians use a high powered spray over all exterior areas: rims, door jams, glass and other external components.

Clay Scrubbing: Claying is employed to get rid of surface pollutants and other residue that detergents can’t remove.

Polishing: Restoring of original shine or polish

Sealing Application: Waxing is done with additional sealant application

Interior Auto Detailing

With interior auto detailing, you’ll not only get an organized and clean interior, but you’ll also have the added protection of a professionally sanitized interior space. Your complete interior cabin will be vacuumed, steam cleaned and shampooed. You can also request additional polishing of non-porous areas. As a final touch, the cabin will be deodorized.

Typical interior services include:

carpet and mat shampoo

upholstery shampoo

fabric treatment

leather treatment

trunk and cabin vacuuming

wheel cleaning

interior steam cleaning

Standard interior detailing uses the following products (but is not limited to):

a vacuum and air compressors

steam cleaner

mat shampoo

leather cleaner and conditioner

saddle soap and leather soap

Standard Internal Auto Detailing Cleaning Steps:

Internal car cleaning requires more fine-tuned steps to make sure that the exhaust is free from allergen causing dust, the switches are clean as a whistle, and the windows are crystal clear.

Your auto detailing service does:

Thorough Vacuuming: Headliners, the rear cargo space, shelf and trunk are vacuumed. Air compressors are then used to clean hard to reach areas.

Steam Cleaning and Brushing: Mats and carpets are scrubbed thoroughly to eliminate accumulated stains. Steam cleaning of interior accessories follows. Carpets are then air-dried separately.

Glass Cleaning: Auto technicians use a glass cleaning agent to make windows spotless.

Leather Trimming: Next, all leather upholstery is cleaned with leather and saddle soap. Excess soap is then wiped down. Once dry, a leather conditioner is applied.

Repeat Wiping and Vacuuming: The cabin is re-vacuumed and wiped clean with a cloth soaked in cleaning detergent. The dashboard and windows are also wiped down for a second time.

Deodorizing/Perfuming: The auto detailing service sprays a deodorant to improve cabin smell.