Wheel cleaning brushes 

You should purchase wheel cleaning brushes as part of your car detailing kit. They can help you clean small areas of the wheels and are made of flexible bristles. Moreover, these brushes are easy to use and have a handle for easy handling. They are also helpful in preventing damage to the wheels. Another car detailing tool you should use is a microfiber towel, which is thicker than paper towels and can be used for various detailing purposes. 

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There are different types of wheel cleaning brushes available in the market. However, there is one wheel brush that is specially made for detailing purposes. The DetailingShed Pro Series Wheel Brush is one of the best wheel cleaning brushes available today. It is made with a state-of-the-art design that can clean all types of wheels. It has a rubberized knuckle guard and flexible bristles to make cleaning your wheels easy. Another wheel brush that is highly effective is the Large Wire Wheel Spoke Brush. 

Microfiber towels 

Car detailers use microfiber towels to remove wax, polish, and ceramic coatings from the vehicle. These cloths are often 16-inches square and made from polyester and polyamide blends. They are not made for specific uses, but they do have an ideal thickness for wiping surfaces. For example, they are great for cleaning the steering wheel and seats. A good glass-cleaning towel has a waffle-weave pattern. These towels will dry the vehicle quickly and will not leave any scratches. 

To maintain the longevity of your microfiber detailing towels, you must follow some guidelines when washing them. First, you need to avoid over-washing them because that can ruin them and your car. Also, you should wash the towels with similar types of towels to avoid cross-contamination. For instance, if you’re using a paint-polishing microfiber towel for polishing, do not wash it with an all-purpose utility towel. 

Multi-purpose cleaners 

Most all-purpose cleaners are spray-based or liquids that you can dilute with water. Some are also available in wipe form or as a paste. Some leave a soapy residue that can be removed with a damp cloth. Wipes are especially useful for quick clean-ups or small messes. 

In car detailing, multi-purpose cleaners come in handy for cleaning many car parts, including rims and tires. They also clean windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. Clean glass will make your car look better and more presentable. 

Portable vacuum/blower 

Whether you’re detailing a car on a budget or need a powerful blower to clean the interior and exterior of a car, a portable vacuum/blower can help. These devices can take away dirt, debris, and other small particles from car seats and upholstery. They also come with attachments such as a crevice tool for deep cleaning and a Magic Air inflator adaptor. 

The best portable vacuum/blower for car detailing will cost around $50 to $100 and will have all the features you need to thoroughly clean your car. Professional wet-dry vacs can cost hundreds of dollars. It is a good idea to make sure you get one with HEPA filtration for the best air quality. Make sure to buy a vacuum that has easy-to-clean filters, too.