What to Look For in an Auto Detailing Job 

When you’re detailing your car, there are a few things you need to do in order to get the best results. Whether you’re just learning how to detail or a professional, these tips will help you do the job right. 

1. Using Clay Bar and Lubricant 

The best auto detailers use a detailing clay bar to remove blemishes that are deep-seated in the paint surface. These clay bars are usually sold in kits with lubricating spray, and they glide over the surface to loosen and break down dirt and grime that’s trapped underneath the surface of your clear coat. 

2. Leaving Watermarks and Impurities On The Towel 

The wrong towel can leave marks on the paint, so always use microfiber towels when drying your vehicle after a wash. These towels are soft and absorbent, so they don’t leave any watermarks or rags that will scratch the paint. 

3. Using the Wrong Chemicals 

There are many different chemicals that are used when it comes to car detailing, so you need to be careful not to mix them up. This can result in hazardous fumes or incompatible products that can damage your car’s paint or other coating materials. 

4. Wearing Protective Gloves While Detailing 

Regardless of how experienced you are, there are some dangers involved in detailing. A lot of chemicals can be dangerous to the skin, eyes, and lungs, so you should always wear protective gloves when performing any auto detailing job. Nitrile gloves are an excellent choice, as they prevent acidic compounds from staining your skin and breaking down the skin’s natural oils. 

5. Keeping Tools and Rags Organized 

The right tools and rags are important when performing any auto detailing job. They can make or break your results, so it’s best to have them organized and ready to go. This will save you time and money in the long run, as you’ll be able to find everything you need when you need it. 

6. Washing Your Vehicle in Direct Sunlight 

Using the sun’s intense heat to wash your vehicle isn’t the best idea, as it can cause a lot of watermarks on the car’s surface and reduce any progress you might be making. To avoid this, you should always wash your car in the shade or on a cooler day. 

7. Using Too Many Chemicals 

There are certain chemicals that can be extremely harmful to the paint on your car. The wrong cleaning solution can cause serious damage to your car’s finish, which can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair bills. 

8. Using Too Much Pressure When Detailing 

While it’s tempting to try and rush through an auto detailing job, this is a mistake that can be damaging to the paint on your car. When you apply too much pressure, it can scratch or etch the paint on your vehicle. To prevent this, apply the correct amount of pressure and only use a small amount of product.