What Should You Do Before Detailing a Car? 

Whether you’re taking your car to a professional detailing service or you’re performing the job yourself, there are many steps to follow before detailing a car. A thorough prep can make the process go smoother and improve your results. Some of the steps are simple, while others require a little more work. 

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The first step is to make sure your car is ready to be detailed. This includes removing any personal items that will interfere with the process. It would help if you also took note of any glaring issues with the car. You can point these out to the detailer to ensure they aren’t overlooked. 

The next step is to find a suitable location for the detailing process. You’ll need to know the dimensions of the parking area so that your detailer has a safe spot to work. You’ll also want to consider whether there’s room for a detailed van in the vicinity. 

If you plan to detail your own vehicle, it’s a good idea to use a heavy-duty pressure washer. This helps to remove dirt and other contaminants that build up on the exterior of the car over time. You may also wish to invest in a good spray-on chemical to help remove stains. This type of product allows for a concentrated blast and can also be used for tires and wheels. 

After washing the exterior of your car, you should rinse it thoroughly. This is important because if the soap and water don’t dry properly, they can cause streaks. You should also be sure to use a microfiber cloth to dry the car. If you have a leaf blower, this can be a great way to speed up the drying process. 

You should also check for contaminants such as tree sap, paint overspray, iron fallout, or sealant failure. These types of things can make it harder for the detailer to perform their job. A clean, polished exterior can help boost your confidence while driving, and it can also improve the value of your car. 

Once you’re finished with the prep work, you’ll want to have your vehicle fully detailed. This will help restore your car to its original condition and help protect its body and glass from UV rays. 

You’ll also want to clean the interior of your car. While this is not as important as prep work, getting rid of clutter and personal items is still a good idea. You should also take care of any seats that need to be removed. These areas are often touchpoints for passengers, and can easily accumulate dirt and debris. You can also sanitize seat belts with a solution of vinegar and water. 

Finally, you should decide on the type of detailing you to want to do. This can help you determine the time you’ll need to do the work. Depending on the type of work you’re having done, you can also save money by purchasing materials at discount stores.