It is that time of year where pollen sticks to cars and birds drop bombs with precision! Not only that but the interior of cars is struggling too. In desperate need of a spring cleaning, it is about that time where people look to get their car tidied up for the summer fun. When looking around, there are many different types of car cleaning businesses. From a simple DIY car wash to a full-service car detailing shop, the options to spruce your car up are endless! To make the decision a bit easier it is best to understand the purpose of the car services provided by these businesses.

Car Wash

A car wash is the cleaning on the exterior side of your vehicle. There are two different ways to obtain this kind of clean. You can do it yourself with some water and soap, or you can go to a professional car wash company and ride through the tunnel to get sprayed with fancy car soap and a hose that maximizes pressure to remove anything dried onto your car. The drive-thru car wash is widespread and is also a fun, quick experience. The old-fashioned way to clean is an excellent way to bond with your child, friend, or even just to have time to yourself. The classic bucket and sponge method will also allow you to notice and focus on spots the drive-thru car wash might not get. However, both are effective and will leave the exterior of your car shining.

Car Detailing

The process of car detailing may take a bit more elbow grease than car washing. Detailing is the process of getting inside your car from clean-up. This method requires more than just a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. The car’s interior is a bit more complex when it comes to cracks, corners, and material. When detailing, one must use certain products for specific materials, and many corners need vacuuming. This process of car detailing takes a bit longer and requires a bit more attention than the exterior wash but will have your car feeling brand new once done. When you take the time to detail your car at least once at the beginning of every new season, the overall task will not be overwhelming. However, if it has been a second since you last detailed your car, it might end up being the biggest job of your life. Take care of assets and clean the outside and inside regularly to enjoy the best features of your car without stench, stain, or tear.

Detailing vs. Washing

To do only one or the other is to miss out on the best of both worlds. Cleaning your car is a massive task at times, but once it is done, having a fresh, clean ride will have your heart singing. The aesthetic of your car will be redeemed through both detailing and washing, and both will have your car looking brand-new and ready for late-night summer fun. Car washing and detailing do not have to be expensive either. Using a DIY car wash and detailing business, you can have yourself a fresh new car for only quarters. However, if you want the whole cleaning experience or simply do not have time to do it yourself, purchasing a fancy car detailer and washer will still leave your car shining and smelling good.

In conclusion, both types of car maintenance are mandatory to upkeep your car and its aesthetic. Consistent cleaning will help keep the overall workload down, and staying on top of keeping your car clean will allow you a new ride to wherever your destination is. Take that step today and end up with a car you barely even recognize! Summer is coming, and so are road trips and more, so prepare yourself and your ride for the time of your life!

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