What is the best way to detail auto glass?

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A well-detailed auto glass not only provides your car with an attractive, finished appearance to match a newly waxed paint job and clean tires, it also secures the safety of the driver, the passengers, and the people on the road. Watching through your dirty window can be quite dangerous since any small obstruction can be a reason to distort your view from obstacles. Contact us today, go here www.fc-cardetailing.com

To have perfect auto glass, there’s pretty much more to it than just spraying your windows and wiping by using a paper towel. For beginners, don’t try to use paper towels. How do you detail a brand new car? Let’s explore now, shall we?

1. The glass is last

The car’s glass must be the last object you would have to deal with when detailing the car. This main reason is it can be contaminated easily. Washing your car thoroughly and drying can make sure that most of the dirt will be removed. Small specks of sand or dirt even have the tendency of producing a scratch on your glass. Securing that the vehicle is dry will also ensure that tiny water spots are not left behind on your glass.

2. Correct glass cleaner should be used

If you use household glass cleaners, they often contain ammonia. Keep in mind that Ammonia contains drying properties that are considered helpful to attain an excellent shine. However, this is not recommended to be used on your auto glass due to the reason that overspray could cause harm to nearby paint. If you have tinted windows, ammonia will also harm your film. Look for a good quality cleaner at a local auto parts shop.

3. Don’t use regular towels

A good quality towel can be the difference between an excellent clear piece of auto glass and not so good looking one. A lot of people often make the mistake of using paper towels in their household which can leave behind such particles. Some make use of newspaper or shop towels which works adequately. But an auto detail professionals will always prefer to use microfiber towels. These waffle weave towels provide a slightly more rough surface compared to regular towels which assist when taking care of bug splats, water spots, etc. One towel should be enough, but having two is better. Just make sure that these towels are regularly washed and exclusively used for auto glass cleaning so that they won’t be contaminated. Take note, a contaminated towel can scratch your car’s glass, yikes!

4. Proper cleaning method

You would need to apply the cleaner to your car’s glass, after that, dry the window, and last is buff it up until for a complete shine. Fold your towels in two, this will provide a good portion of surface area, but it will also provide you with good control.

You can begin from the exterior windows and then to the interior windows. The glass on the outside part of your vehicle will be quite dirty compared to the inside, so if cleaning the exterior first, will help you identify faster the dirty areas of your window once you move to the interior part.

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