What Is The Best Ceramic Coating For Your Car? 

If you are looking for a way to restore the luster of your car, you might want to consider using a ceramic coating. There are many options available today. Some of the best-known brands include CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish and Coat, Drexler Ceramic Coating, and Nexgen’s Shield 3.0. Read on to find out which one is right for your vehicle.  

CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat 

The Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish – Coat is an all-in-one product that eliminates the guesswork associated with ceramic coating application. It can be used for any stage of the process, from pre-coat paint correction to ceramic prime and application. It even works as a touch-up product for an existing coating.  

The Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish – Coat is a one-step polish that does three different things: it repairs minor scratches and imperfections, applies a protective SiO2 ceramic coating and then dries. The ceramic coating protects the paint from future contaminants.  

Nexgen’s Shield 3.0 

Nexgen’s Shield 3.0 Ceramic Spray is the perfect solution for protecting your car from the damaging effects of the elements. Its super-concentrated formula provides protection against alkalis, acids, and abrasives. It is suitable for use on plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces.  

It can last three years if properly maintained. The coating is also resistant to road chemicals and UV rays. The German-made product meets the highest hardness rating and cures much more quicker than most other ceramic coatings. It also provides a smooth, glossy finish and extends the life of the paint.  


Gyeon Cure is an excellent maintenance product that adds extra hydrophobicity to the base coating. It also has anti-static properties and extends the life of the base coating. It is ideal for use after washing and as a quick detailer.  

To use Gyeon Cure, spray the product onto a clean, dry surface, away from direct sunlight. Then, wipe it off with a clean towel. Once it has dried, the product will give your car a high gloss finish. It can also be used over a non-coated vehicle.