What is the 2 Bucket Method of Washing a Car?

Washing the car is a task many of us avoid for as long as possible, especially when you have to do it yourself at home. There are many car washing methods out there, but they all involve a considerable amount of effort that we all try to avoid if going to the car wash is not an option. Not only is it a hassle finding the right car care products for wash day but doing it yourself can sometimes be more complicated than it ought to be in an attempt to get it perfect. Sometimes we end up doing more damage than good, using harsh or abrasive chemicals and products that leave our vehicles with scratches and swirls. Is all hope lost when it comes to car washing? Do you have you go through this unbearable task every so often? What if there was an easy method to wash your car on your own that was hassle-free? Contact us to learn more about automobile detailing charlotte nc

The 2 Bucket Method

The 2 bucket method is a car washing method that, as you can guess, involves 2 buckets. It is considered the safe method of washing your car, minimizing your chances of damaging your car’s bodywork with scratches and swirls.

The tools and products needed are simple:

  • Car shampoo (one suitable to the cleaning needs of your car)
  • Water
  • Two buckets
  • Grit guards (ensure they fit your bucket well)
  • A wash mitt (wash mitts are more suitable to lift away dirt from your car’s paintwork as opposed to sponges)

The idea of the 2 bucket method is that you fill one bucket with the car shampoo or car wash solution with the necessary amount of water, while the other bucket has the water you’ll use for rinsing. As you wash your vehicle in small sections, rinse your wash mitt before adding it back to the shampoo solution to continue washing. This prevents you from adding the dirt and all other contaminants you just cleaned from your car back into the shampoo solution, which you would use to wash the rest of your car. This is what typically happens when we use one bucket. Adding back the dirty water to your car defeats the cleaning process, and this helps add to the scratches and the frustration we experience as a result.

You can also pre-wash your car with snow foam using a hose or, more preferably, a pressure washer. This removes a significant amount of dirt from your car before applying the wash mitt, lowering your chances of damaging and scratching the paintwork.

Benefits of the 2 Bucket Method

The two bucket method is easy and straightforward. As mentioned, you need two buckets to separate your solution and rinsing water so as not to put back the dirt you just cleaned. It’s as simple as that. How could it get any easier? Not only is it easy and simple, but it also helps to minimize the possibility of scratches which we hate to see on the beautiful paintwork of our cars.

What more do you need to convince you this is the safest and easiest method of car washing? Washing your car doesn’t have to be an endless chore because of uncertainty about how to get it done right and get it done safely. Using the 2 bucket method, you can get it done efficiently and safely, and rest assured in your washing abilities.

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