A thorough auto detailing will comprise two phases: exterior and interior detailing. In this article, we will explain exactly what happens in each phase and the benefits of auto detailing.

The Process of Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior auto detailing will start with the outside of your vehicle being exhaustively cleaned to ensure as much dirt is removed as possible. This is done primarily by allowing the soap that applies to foam, so it can soften any mud, dirt, or grime on the surface.

The next step will involve the use of specialized wheel cleaning products and brushes. Your auto detailer will remove all filth and dust from your wheels, lugs, nuts, brake calipers, and anything else attached to the wheels that get dirty as you drive.

Once the wheels have been correctly cleaned the next step is to wash the paintwork they then dry this using soft microfiber mitts or towels. An auto clay bar is applied to the paintwork this helps remove any tightly bonded grime or dirt that may remain on the surface of your car.

Any swirl marks’, oxidation, or scratches will be polished by hand or by machine to restore the paintwork. Finally, your paintwork will be waxed using a high-quality wax paste to add a protective layer and help bring it back as close as possible to the paintwork you saw the day you bought it.

They will clean any other exterior parts of the car like the windows, lights, and other visible parts.

The Process of Interior Car Detailing

The first step your auto detailer will take is to thoroughly vacuum and shampoo your car’s upholstery to remove any dirt. If you have a leather interior, it’ll be scrubbed and conditioned to remove any deeply ingrained dirt. Your dashboard and any other aspects of the car interior will only be clean and polished. Finally, the interior of your car’s glass will be cleaned and polished

Most high-end auto detailing services will also tackle the interior of your engine bay. This is often one of the most neglected parts of the car, as many people rarely care what it looks like under the hood.

This aspect of your interior auto detailing is important, as it will help you and your mechanic down the line to better identify any engine problems should they occur. When you bring your car to a mechanic, they will love the fact that your engine bay is clean, so when talking to an auto detailing service make sure that they include engine bay cleaning in the process.

Five Benefits of Auto Detailing

  1. Getting your car regularly auto detailed will improve its safety and comfort.
  2. The interior of your car once it’s rid of all the gunk will be healthier.
  3. By protecting and cleaning your car regularly, you will help maintain its resale value.
  4. Auto detailing helps protect both the interior and exterior of your car
  5. Above all else, it helps enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Correctly detailing your car will help maintain both the exterior and interior of your car keeping an optimal running condition for longer.