What is Full Buff and Wax Auto Detailing? 

Full buff and wax auto detailing process consist of applying a coat of liquid carnauba wax to your vehicle’s surface. It fills in tiny scratches and gives your car a wet, mirror-like finish. The wax is readily available at most auto parts stores and comes with a foam applicator pad. It is applied in a circular motion and allows the wax to dry to a cloudy consistency. Wipe off the excess wax with a microfiber cloth.

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Carnauba wax 

The use of carnauba wax is an important part of a full buff and polish auto detailing job. This type of wax is made from the leaves of the carnauba tree. The leaves are crushed and then the powdery wax is collected. The wax is then melted and filtered. Finally, it is cooled and molded into blocks. The final product is a yellow or brownish substance that is as hard as concrete. Carnauba wax is usually purchased in automotive parts stores or online. 

When waxing your vehicle, use multiple thin coats rather than one thick layer. This will give the deepest shine and is the most cost-effective way to harness the full power of carnauba wax. To ensure that your wax is completely dry, use a swipe test. If the wax is clear, the surface will not show streaks. If it is streaky, more time is needed to dry. 

Meguiars M105 polish 

If you’re looking for the best quality polish for a full buff and wax auto detailing job, Meguiars’ M105 is the product for you. This polish contains exclusive micro-abrasives that cut deeper into the paint to achieve a smoother finish in less time. Its abrasive formula is so effective that it can even remove fine 1200-grit sanding marks in one pass! 

The M105 polish is formulated to provide an even, deep shine to your vehicle. Its formula is based on Meguiars’ original chemistry, so it’s not diluted and is therefore ideal for full buff and wax auto detailing. The polish is also safe for use by anyone, regardless of experience. It’s easy to use, too, as it comes in plain yellow bottles. 

Torque Detail’s M105 polish 

Meguiar’s M105 polish is a highly effective product for full buff and wax auto detailing. This polish contains super micro-abrasive technology, which is designed to remove light hazing while restoring deep gloss. It is effective in removing minor swirls and defects but requires less work than conventional polishes. The M105 polish comes with an included PC7424 buffer. 

The M105 is compatible with both rotary polishers and random orbital polishers. It works well with the Porter Cable PC7424XP and the Makita 9227C rotary polishers, as well as with the M105’s orange pad. For best results, use the polish at speeds 5 or 6.