What is the Exterior Detailing of a Car? 

Getting your vehicle detailed is a great way to preserve the beauty of your car and protect it from the elements. The process involves polishing and refinishing the car’s paintwork to restore it to its original shine. Exterior detailing is important for cars because it improves their value and lifespan. The process also includes sealing the car from sunlight and dust. Exterior detailing can also be done to help eliminate scratches on the paint. The process includes cleaning and polishing the car’s exterior and wheels. 

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In order to perform exterior detailing, you will need to invest in high-quality supplies. A good detailer will use shielding paint sealant and a clay bar to remove surface dirt and debris. Clay bars are used to remove stubborn contaminants, while shielding paint sealant protects the paint. Clay bars can be purchased separately, but you can also purchase kits that include clay bars and wax. You can also purchase cheap detailing materials at discount stores. 

Once you have the supplies you need, you need to find a good source of water. Many detergents require water to dilute. This is necessary to remove surface gunk and to prevent water spots. You also need a high-powered spray to spray the exterior of your car. Once you spray the exterior, you can then wash the car thoroughly. You should also clean the wheels before applying the protectant. 

To polish the exterior of your car, you will need to use a polishing pad or an applicator. The pad should be damp to ensure that the product adheres to the surface. Depending on the type of paint, you may also use a wax applicator. You should allow the wax to dry before polishing it. 

You should also make sure that your plastic splash guards and inner fender liners are clean. If they are not clean, you should use a plastic protectant. You can also use a ceramic coating to protect the finish. You can also apply a clear bra or vinyl wrap. You can also use a hydrophobic sealant to prevent water spots from forming on your car’s finish. 

You should also remove all the debris from the outside of your vehicle. This includes dirt, road salt, and other debris that can damage the paint. It is also important to remove the floor mats. You can also use a vacuum to remove dust from the interior. The floor mats are usually vacuumed separately. 

You should also clean the windshield, the headlights, and the wiper blades. It is also important to clean the undercarriage and chassis. You should also wash the tires, as they are exposed to a lot of dirt and grime. Afterward, you should detail the outside lights. The lights should be cleaned of road grime and brake dust. You should also use a dedicated wheel cleaner to detail the outside lights. 

You should also apply a clear bra or a ceramic coating on the surface of your vehicle. These coatings will protect your car from corrosion, UV rays, and other elements.