What is Done During a Car Detailing? 

During a car detail, a professional detailer takes your vehicle through a series of processes designed to make it look like new. The process includes a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car using specialized tools, products, and techniques to remove dirt and stains. 

The process begins with washing the exterior of the car, followed by vacuuming all surfaces inside the car. It’s important to have your car detailed by a reputable mobile detailer so that the job will be done accurately and safely. 

Cleaning the Exterior 

In a normal car wash, you simply scrub away dirt and mud to give the paintwork a good shine. However, a lot of the grit that comes off your car with soap and water isn’t going to be removed by regular washing, so it’s important to get a professional detailer to do the job. 

A proper car wash is also essential for preventing scratches and swirl marks. These are small imperfections that occur when the car is washed incorrectly and can ruin the appearance of the clear coat if left untreated. 

These are often caused by a lack of attention when washing the car, but can also be the result of the wrong cleaning products used. A professional car wash uses high-quality shampoos and detergents that are specifically designed to avoid damage to the clear coat, and a safe wash process is followed so that there are no scratches or swirl marks left on the surface of the paintwork. 

Polishing Scratches 

Light scratches on the paint of a vehicle can be removed by polishing, which finesses them out with a rotary buffing machine fitted with a soft pad. This process also smooths out uneven areas of the paint that may have been created by a bad wash. 

If a vehicle has a number of scratches that aren’t getting buffed out with a light polish, the detailer will be able to perform a wet-sanding technique, which will help remove them and improve the clarity of the clear coat. This is a much more intensive process than basic polishing, so it will take more time. 

Mold Removal 

A professional detailer will use a special spray to remove mold from the interior of your vehicle. Mold can be a problem if it’s not treated properly, and it can make the interior smell and feel dirty. The detailer will also re-vacuum the area after they remove the mold to ensure that it is completely free of mold and dirt. 

Seat Belt Stains 

Stained seat belts can be a common source of dirt and grime in the interior of the car. The material is often touched by passengers, so it can quickly become soiled by spilled food and drinks, coffee splashes, and hand cream. Fortunately, a professional car detailer can handle this kind of staining with ease and sanitize the seatbelt area for you, so that it looks fresh and clean again.