What Is Car Exterior Detailing? 

Whether you are planning to sell your car or just want to keep it in tip-top condition, car exterior detailing is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle looking like new. Detailing the exterior of your vehicle not only improves the appearance of your vehicle but also protects the paint. 

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Using the proper materials and tools can make all the difference. Detailed exterior surfaces have a stunning luster and will turn heads everywhere you go. However, it is important to follow the instructions on the product you are using. Otherwise, you may end up wasting money on materials. 

First, you should choose the proper exterior car detailing supplies to avoid damaging the car’s surface. Many car detailers offer environmentally friendly cleaning products. They also use special detergents and polishes to clean the exterior of your car. These products can be used more than once to maintain the look of your car. 

Using a high-pressure water spray to clean the exterior of your vehicle will remove dirt and grime. This can be done with a car wash or with a steam cleaner. You should also make sure to wash all windows and mirrors inside your vehicle. This will help prevent water spots from appearing. 

After a wash, you should apply wax to the exterior of your vehicle. The wax should be applied with a damp applicator pad and should be allowed to dry completely. If you don’t do this, the wax may be left to harden and streak. Once the wax has dried, it should be removed with a clean microfiber towel. 

Next, you should clean the inside of your car, including the seats, center console, and dashboard. This will help remove dirt, dust, and germs. You should also use a cleaning solution to clean the steering wheel column. These areas can be hard to reach. You should also use a small tool to clean the cracks in the dashboard. 

Using a steam cleaner can help clean the interior of your car without the use of soap. You can also use a chamois washcloth to remove dirt and grime. This cloth has great absorption capacity and can help remove dust particles. You can also use a vacuum to clean the interior. However, a steam cleaner is more powerful than a vacuum, and it will break down the grime buildup on your car’s interior. 

Once the interior has been cleaned, you should use a cloth to wipe the exterior. This will help prevent water spots and remove any dirt and dust that may be present. You can also use a microfiber drying cloth to dry the interior. 

If you have a leather interior, you should take care of it. Leather is sensitive and will get damaged if not taken care of properly. A leather conditioner can help prevent cracks and maintain the softness of the leather. You can also use a stain remover to remove any stains.