What Happens in Car Detailing? 

The first part of the auto detailing process is to wash and dry your vehicle. Many auto detailers use a clay bar to remove dirt and other impurities. They also use special cleaning products and equipment that are designed to work on a variety of surfaces. 

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Some car detailers may also include a polishing step in the car wash process. This will make the paint shine and reduce scratches that may have occurred due to exposure to the sun. 

Exterior Details 

The most obvious way that a detailer can improve your car’s look is to get rid of any surface imperfections. This includes small nicks and scratches, but it can also include other types of damage. 

There are two main ways that a detailer can repair scratches and nicks: They can apply touch-up paint to the area, or they can wet sand it. Wet sanding can be effective at repairing scratches, but it is risky since it removes the clearcoat layers that protect the paint. 

Another way that a detailer can repair paint is by applying a protective wax. This will make the paint look new again and help to prevent any rust that might develop. 

This is a very important step in the car detailing process because your vehicle will be in contact with the outside elements for long periods of time. The wax will help to keep the paint safe from sun and rain. 

After the car has been washed and dried, the detailing pro will start to work on the inside of your vehicle. This is usually the most involved part of the process because of all the different types of things that will need to be cleaned and polished. 

The interior of your vehicle is going to need a lot of work. You will need to have the carpets and floor mats shampooed, as well as the seats. They will need to be vacuumed and steamed, too. 

In addition, you’ll want to have your windows cleaned and your dashboard wiped down and polished. This is an important step in the process because you will need to be able to see properly. 

A good detailer will use a special tool to clean the windshield. They will then polish it to make it sparkle and look shiny. 

You should also have the headlights and taillights of your car detailed. This will ensure that you can see the road better and that other drivers will be able to see you. 

Finally, your wheels and tires need to be polished and cleaned. This is because they can become stained from brake dust and other dirt that gets on them daily. 

When you are looking for a company that can do this kind of work, you should look for a place that has an impressive facility and takes care of its employees and grounds. This can be a big selling point for some people. However, it is important to remember that these places are usually a little more expensive than other companies.