What Does a Professional Detailer Do to Make the Car Look New? 

Whether you are buying a new car or selling an old one, you may want to have it detailed to enhance its appearance and increase its resale value. There are a variety of professional services you can hire for this task. Some offer specialized work that takes place in the shop while others are mobile. The type of detailer you hire will depend on your budget and the condition of your car. 

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Detailing is a process that can protect your car for years. You may also want to have it detailed before you sell your car so that you can keep its value. Some detailers offer steam cleaning of the engine, which is a more effective way of getting rid of tough stains. 

In order to detail your car, you need to make sure you have the right tools. A good detailer will use terry weave high GSM microfiber towels. These towels can hold a lot of suds and are easy to use. They also are lint-free. They are also used for applying products like polish, wax, and protectants. 

A detailer may also use a rotary machine polisher to smooth out small scratches and imperfections in the paintwork. This can go wrong if the detailer uses too aggressive a compound. 

In addition to the usual exterior wash and dry, a detailer may also offer a ceramic coating or sealant. This will protect the car from harmful environmental elements and help keep the paintwork looking great. 

Most detailers will also use a leather cleaner to clean leather parts in the vehicle. This can remove mildew, dirt, and odors. In addition, most detailers use protectant sprays on plastic trim and leather. This will prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and also create a sheen. 

Once you have finished the detailing process, you may want to apply a wax to protect the paint from UV light. If you have a car with a clear coat finish, you will likely want to apply a clear coat protectant. The finish can fade over time. This can also create glare and decrease your visibility. You can also apply a non-silicone matte finish protectant if you prefer. The finish will still look great but will not fade as quickly. 

You can also take your car to a detailer for full interior detailing. You will need to remove a lot of clutter from your vehicle. You will also need to wipe down all of the surfaces. This includes the door panels, seats, and dashboard. You will also want to clean the inside of your windows. You may also want to get your carpets vacuumed. 

The detailer will then ‘buff out’ minor imperfections in the plastic covers and glass covers. The detailer will also remove tar and water spots. Some detailers may have “wet sand” scratches. This process removes the top layers of the clear coat and eventually makes them look lighter than the surrounding areas. This step can be very time-consuming.