What can damage car paint?

Car owners have invested a large amount while purchasing their car, so they would like to ensure that it is in good condition. Hence they often spend a large amount in painting their car if it has scratches. While assessing the value of a car, the condition of the car paint is always considered. If the car paint has scratches and dents, the car will look old, though it may be in good working condition. One way to avoid spending money repainting the car is to prevent damage to the car. For this, the car owner should know what can damage the car paint. Some of the common reasons why car paint is damaged are discussed. Contact us to learn more about charlotte detailing

Bird droppings and insects

Bird droppings are one of the most common reasons why the car paint is damaged. The bird droppings are highly acidic, so if they remain on the car exteriors for a longer period of time, they will dissolve the paint, causing patches without paint. So if there is any bird dropping on the car, it should be wiped away at the earliest. Also, the car owner should avoid keeping the car under trees, where birds are roosting. Similarly, insects can also damage the car paint, especially if they are hit at a high speed by the car. Like the bird droppings, the insects are also highly acidic.

Acid rain

Due to increased air pollution, acid rain is a major problem especially in larger cities or areas with higher pollution. The acid in the rain will act on the car paint, dissolving it so that the metallic surface is visible. The damage to the car paint is usually gradual and not easily visible. Hence it is always advisable to keep the car in a garage to the extent possible. For vehicle owners who are keeping their car in the open, it should be covered using a car cover whenever it is not used.

Dirty cleaning cloth

Often car owners find that there is some dirt, like bird dropping or dirty water spilled on their car. To remove it they are using any cloth which they can get. After wiping the dirt, they may not clean the cloth properly or let it dry with the dirt. When they use the dirty cloth on the car paint again, the hardened particles and dirt will cause microscopic scratches on the painted surface. Initially, these scratches will not be very visible, yet over time they will increase in size. So it is advisable to wash the cleaning cloth for the car properly immediately after it has been used, so it has no dirt and is soft.


Though most car owners do not consider it, vandalism is also a reason why the car paint is damaged especially if the car is not kept in a garage overnight. If the car owner has many enemies, they may damage the car using sharp objects like nails, scissors, hand tools, keys, and razors. In case the car is illegally parked in front of the gate of people’s house blocking access, the car paint may get damaged when the homeowner or others wish to enter or exit the house.

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