The Benefits of Having Your Car’s Windows Professionally Cleaned 

Car windows can look dingy and streaked even after regular washing with soap and water. Keeping them clean and clear is essential for your customer’s safety as well as the appearance of their vehicles. This is because clean windshields and windows enable drivers to see more of the road ahead and reduce glare from the sun and other sources. This is especially important when driving in rain, snow, or fog. 

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Using the right car glass cleaner is critical to cleaning your customers’ vehicle windows thoroughly and quickly. Dedicated auto glass cleaners contain high concentrations of cleaning agents that break down dirt and grime fast, leaving the surface free of any streaks or smudges. It is also helpful to use a soft towel or squeegee with your window cleaning product to prevent scratches and leave behind a smooth, lint-free finish. 

Streaks and smudges are a sign of a poor cleaning job, and they can be very difficult to remove. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in quality products and training that will help your staff avoid missing areas when wiping car windows. It is important to start with a fresh microfiber towel and to apply your cleaner evenly across the entire window surface, including the corners. A small vacuum is a great tool to have on hand to help blow away any dirt particles that may be trapped between the window and the frame. 

Most professional-grade car window cleaners are ammonia-free, which allows them to be used on both the inside and outside of the vehicle’s windows. However, many household glass cleaners are not ammonia-free and can result in fog and streaks when used on the outside of your customer’s vehicle. 

The benefits of having your car’s windows professionally cleaned go far beyond a showroom-ready appearance. A dirty windshield and windows can hinder visibility while driving, potentially leading to accidents. A clear, streak-free windshield and window increase a driver’s ability to see more of the roadway, allowing them to spot hazards or other motorists in plenty of time. 

When your customer gets into their newly-cleaned vehicle, they will immediately notice any smudges or streaks on the windshield and windows. Despite the best efforts of your staff, one missed area can send the wrong message about the quality of your overall wash services and reflect negatively on your business. This is why ongoing training and frequent inspections are a key part of any successful carwash operation.