The Benefits of Having Your Car’s Chrome Accents Polished 

The trim parts of your car are a major part of its visual appeal. They can add to your vehicle’s overall look, enhancing its stance and making it appear more expensive. However, permanent blemishes and dullness can tarnish your car’s chrome accents, and when this happens you need to know what to do about it. 

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Having your car’s chrome polished is one way to give your vehicle a high-end appearance without breaking the bank. Having your chrome polished also provides a protective barrier against oxidation, corrosion, and other elements that could harm these components. 

How often your chrome should be polished will depend on how much use the vehicle gets and where it’s stored. For example, bumpers and wheels are frequently in contact with road grime and spray, which can cause rust on these trim parts. In addition, quick-n-easy drive-through car washes don’t do the luster of Brightwork any favors. 

To keep the brightwork in good condition, a polish that’s specifically made for chrome and aluminum should be used regularly to remove any dirt and gunk. A variety of metal polishes are available, including liquid, cream, and paste. The best metal polishes are easy to apply and will not scratch or damage the surface of your trim. When using metal polish, soft cloth is a good choice to avoid scratching the chrome. Microfiber cloths are a great option, and they can be purchased inexpensively at most automotive stores. 

Heavy rust on chromed components usually requires that they be replated. This can be costly, especially for larger parts like the bumpers and window frames. Replacing chrome is fairly simple, however, and your local plating shop can make it look new in a few days. 

During a full detail, a car’s chrome will be polished along with the rest of the body and interior surfaces. This includes the tires and wheels, exterior paint, chrome trim, upholstery, and carpets. Full detail is a head-to-toe revitalization of your car, and it’s worth the investment. 

To get the best results from a chrome polish, apply a small amount of product to a clean microfiber cloth and rub it on the surface. Work in small areas at a time, switching to a clean section of the cloth with each stroke. When you’re done, buff the surface with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to reveal a shiny, smooth finish.