How can I make my car like new?

Your car is not only a vehicle but it is an extension of your home that offers many benefits for your everyday traveling needs. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the inside of your car is cleaned thoroughly so that you will continue the comfort and enjoyment offered by the car. When you are traveling every day with your kids and pets, then the car interior can become messy and you should make sure to clean your car effectively for getting the desired results.

Therefore, you need to follow the cleaning tips for the inside of your car so that your car will remain in excellent condition for many years to come. The cleaning tasks do not need to be very expensive but you can make use of special cleaning chemicals and equipment for getting the desired kind of cleaning. Moreover, proper cleaning and maintenance of the car are extremely important for removing the debris and trash from the car floor.

Top 10 Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your Car

1. Effective vacuuming

The best way of deep cleaning your car is to make use of a vacuum cleaner as it is the best way of removing every trace of dirt, dust, and debris from the car. Even the problem areas like under seats and door panels can be cleaned in an effective manner.

2. Wash car floor mats

The best way of cleaning the rubber car floor mats is by washing them because it will help in removing the thickest and most stubborn dust and dirt from the mats. You will need to make use of soapy water for cleaning both sides of the mats so that the inside of your car will be cleaned efficiently.

3. Washing tires and wheels

You need a proper cleaner and the right scrubbing brushes for getting the desired cleaning results so that the overall appearance of your car will be enhanced.

4. Remove pet hair

Travelling with your pet in a car is a fun-filled experience but you will have to deal with a large amount of mess that is left behind by your pet. Pet hair is the most difficult thing that you will have to deal with and for this, you will need to make use of squeegee so that you can get rid of the pet hair.

5. Cleaning air vents

The air vents of the air conditioner tend to get dirty over a period of time and you need to clean the vents with the use of vacuum cleaners. You can also make use of a standard static duster that will help in cleaning the dust and dirt from vent slots so that you will get the desired results.

6. Changing air filters

There is a large amount of dust, grime, and grit that gets accumulated in the air filters over a period of time and hence you should change the air filters after 15,000-25000 miles.

7. Clean buttons on the dashboard

For this, you will need to make use of a damp rag for cleaning the buttons on the dashboard so that the accumulated dust and dirt will be removed.

8. Clean glass surfaces and windows

For this, you will need to make use of paper towels and glass cleaners for cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces including side mirrors, back windows and windshields.

9. Cleaning car seats

It is the dirtiest surface inside your car that tends to be exposed to all kinds of mess especially when you are traveling with your kids and pets. Hence, you will need to look for a cleaning solution that will effectively clean the car seats while removing all the dust and dirt from the surface.

10. Disinfect steering wheel

A steering wheel is the place where there is the maximum amount of built-up germs and bacteria and for this, you will need a disinfectant solution and microfiber cloth for getting the desired outcome.