The Different Types Of Car Washes

Handwashing car

Like other vehicles, car owners are keeping their cars outdoors for long periods. The car will also travel long distances so will be covered with dust and dirt. If the car is not washed regularly it will adversely affect the appearance of the car and in some cases, the resale value of the car will also decrease. Car owners who wish to wash their car, have multiple options available to them depending on the time, space, and water available for them. Some of these car wash options are discussed, along with the pros and cons, so that the car owner can make the right choice.

Handwashing the car is usually the most popular option for car owners who have plenty of time, water and space available for washing the car. There are different methods of handwashing the car, like using buckets of water or water hose to wash the car. Car owners can use a car shampoo after rinsing the car, wash it off and dry it with a microfiber towel. The main advantages of using this method are that it is very effective in removing all the dirt from the car and the car surface is not scratched. However, a large amount of water is required for handwashing the car. If the car owner does not have the time for washing the car, he can hire a person for washing the car.

Waterless washing

There are some areas where people are not allowed to use water for washing their car, or the space available for washing is limited. In this case, the liquid car wash is sprayed on the car and wiped off using a microfiber cloth. There is no water required and washing is completed quickly. This method is not very effective for removing contaminants and other debris from the car. Since the dirt particles adhere to the microfiber cloth using for cleaning, they may cause scratches on the car.

Rinseless washing

In case there is a restricted water supply and less space available, the car owner may wish to reduce the water which is used for washing the car. In this case, the car washing solution is dissolved in a small amount of water and used for washing the car. After this microfiber cloths are used for drying the car. More dirt and contaminants are likely to be removed using this method and the possibility of scratches is also reduced to some extent. However, if the car is very dirty, this method may not be effective.

Automatic or tunnel washing

Increasingly car owners who do not have the time and space for car washing are opting for automatic car washing. In this case, the fuel station, or car service center has a conveyor belt on which the car is placed. Then the car is moved through a tunnel with cleaning tools. The car is first rinsed, then washed using clean water, brushes are used to remove the dirt from the car surface, and then blowers are used for drying the car. In some cases, the brushes may transfer dirt from other cars which cleaned, so some car owners prefer to use automatic washing without brushes.

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