How To Prevent Scratches And Swirls On A Black Car

Prevent Scratches And Swirls

Admit it! There is something unique and mysterious about black cars, not just because the black color enhances the basic features of the vehicle but also because it creates a unique illusion in which a car seems much larger than it is. While owning a black car might sound appealing, keeping it free from scratches and swirls might be a little tedious and will take some extra work, so listed below are three (3) ways on how to prevent scratches and swirls from appearing on your black car. Contact us to learn more about automobile detailing charlotte nc

Keep Your Black Car Clean

Keeping your black car clean might go without saying, but it can sometimes become very tricky because there is a particular way to wash black cars to prevent scratches and swirls from occurring. Before washing your black car, be sure to gently rinse away all excess dirt first, especially before it’s time to hand wash. It would help if you did this because extra dirt can scratch the surface and leave marks, thus affecting the outer appearance of your vehicle. It would be best if you also got into that habit of washing your car in circular motions, and when it is time to rinse, only use low water pressure as doing this helps to protect the outer car coating and minimizes the chances of lifting the wax.

Use The Right Equipment

To prevent scratches and swirls from occurring on your black car, you must use the right cleaning equipment and supplies. Never use regular soap for washing as it strips away the wax and leaves scratches. Instead, use a car wash solution as it helps to lower the likelihood of swirls from occurring and gives your car more sheen. It is also best to only use microfiber cloths on the surface of your black car as they are incredibly soft and will never leave swirls or scratches anywhere.

No Paraphernalia

As much as many people would hate to admit it, the outer body of their black car is sometimes used for a lot of things that it wasn’t meant to be used for, such as a place for sitting, placing groceries, bags, or other bits and pieces and this should not be the case. Paraphernalia sometimes leaves small swirls and scratches that, over time, become more prominent and more visible and then, in turn, ruins the outer appearance of the vehicle. To prevent these scratches and swirls from occurring, never place anything on the bonnet or on the trunk of your vehicle.

When it all comes down to it, black cars are unique but what is even more impressive is knowing how to prevent scratches and swirls from appearing on them. The best way to do so is to keep your black car clean, use the right equipment to clean it, and last but not least, avoid resting paraphernalia on the body of your vehicle. As a black car owner, Treat your black car right because if you do, it will last longer.

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