How To Prep A Car For Ceramic Coating 

Before you get your car ceramic coated, you must prepare it for the coating process. This requires polishing, compounding, and other prep work. You should wear gloves to protect your hands. The process will take a while and requires dry weather. Once the coating has been applied, it will need time to dry.  

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One of the best ways to remove a car’s ceramic coating is by polishing the surface. This step removes any paintwork imperfections and removes oily substances, which can often stay on the surface of the car despite thorough cleaning. The first step is to use a degreasing agent, and the second step involves wiping the panel using a lint-free cloth.  

Polishing is important to keep the ceramic coating from wearing away. It also helps to restore a like-new finish and maintain the clarity of the clear coat. This process can be done with a clay bar. The clay bar will help prep the surface of the paint before it is polished. 

Ceramic coatings protect the paint of a car from damage and are long-lasting. This type of coating can be applied in multiple layers, and it becomes a permanent glass shield. Because it protects the paint and clear coat, it flexes with the car. It can remain shiny for a year, but will eventually fade as the paint begins to wear down.  

Polishing your car for ceramic coating will protect your paint from harmful UV rays. It can also improve your car’s performance. The coating can increase the car’s horsepower. Moreover, it can increase the lifespan of internal components.