How to Perform Quality Auto Detailing Work on Your Vehicle?

There are several ways to perform quality auto detailing work on your vehicle, but you should know how to properly clean the wheels before beginning. Performing wheel washing on a car can splash road grime and break dust on the surrounding surfaces, so you should always start with the wheels and tire, and then move on to the rest of the vehicle. Use a microfiber cloth to apply detailing chemicals. After washing, buff the vehicle to achieve the desired finish.

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Car wash mitts 

When it comes to doing quality auto detailing, the right car wash mitt is essential. There are two main types of wash mitts available: microfiber and wool. The microfiber type is softer than wool, but it is still durable enough to handle tougher dirt. Wool mitts are often too soft and don’t catch dirt stuck in their grooves. While wool mitts can be effective, they are more prone to scratching the car’s paintwork. 

Microfiber and sponge materials are both excellent choices for car wash mitts, but both are made for specific jobs. While sponges are best for getting rid of hard-stuck residue and dead bugs, they can be very rough on your paint. Mitts are much softer, and you may find that you use them all day long. A mitt is made from a durable material like microfiber and will hold up to a lot of work. 

Clay bar 

If you’re looking for a quality clay bar for your detailing needs, you’ve come to the right place. These tools come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths. Most clay products fall into two basic categories: mild and strong. A soft/gentle clay bar is meant to remove light surface contamination. They are best for routine maintenance and are ideal for light dust, pollen, and hard water deposits. 

A clay bar is useful for cleaning and protecting the paint. It is a useful tool to protect the finish of your vehicle by making it look smooth. After using it, be sure to store it in a closed, airtight container. To protect your paint from dirt and dust, make sure to use a wax or sealant after cleaning your car with a clay bar. This will prevent contaminants from getting into the paint. Using the right clay bar is important, but you should also understand its use and benefits. 

Non-silicone matte finish protectant 

If you want to give your car the look of a luxury car without spending hours in the detail shop, you should consider using a non-silicone matte finish protectant. These protectants are water-based and free from silicone oils that produce grease. They make surfaces dirt and stain-repellent. Unlike silicone, which is prone to reflect light and attract dust, a non-silicone matte finish protectant is safe for your car. 

A silicone spray leaves a shiny film on your dashboard, which attracts dust. Plus, the shiny dash reflects into the windshield, which can make night vision difficult. To solve this problem, many professional detailers use a non-silicone matte finish protectant. While non-silicone matte finish protectants leave your car’s interior looking good, they reduce glare, keep it from scratching and preserve the luster of your paint. 

Tip amount 

How much to tip auto detailers varies. It all depends on how much you value the work they do. While it’s not mandatory, it is still customary. Leaving a generous tip will make the detailer feel appreciated and motivate them to provide the best service possible in the future. If you feel your car deserves extra attention, you may want to consider giving a larger tip. However, the amount of tip you leave is not as important as the type of service you’re receiving. 

For good auto detailing work, a 15% tip is appropriate. If the service is over $100, you should consider leaving a higher tip. Alternatively, if the service cost is less than $100, you can give them anywhere from ten to fifteen percent of their total bill. However, if you’ve opted for an auto detailing service for less than $100, you’ll be better off leaving a smaller tip, which will help them get the job done even faster.