How to Maintain Ceramic Car Coatings 

Having ceramic car coatings installed on your vehicle is a great way to protect your factory paintwork and keep your vehicle looking shiny and new. However, the coating won’t last forever, and you need to learn how to maintain it. The good news is that it’s a relatively easy process. You just need to know a few basic steps. 

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The first step to ceramic coating maintenance is to wash your car. You should use a pH-neutral car wash shampoo, which will lift dirt away from your paintwork. Using a microfibre drying towel will help prevent abrasion to the ceramic coating. You can also use a spray sealant to make sure the coating stays clean. 

After washing your vehicle, you should apply a maintenance booster to fill in any scratches on the coating. This will prevent larger issues from occurring. You should also check with your manufacturer to ensure that the product you choose is compatible with your ceramic coating. 

You can also have a professional auto salon apply a topcoat to freshen up your ceramic coating. This will help to keep it looking good and make it last longer. You should also be aware that the wax you use on your vehicle can inhibit the performance of the ceramic coating. You should be able to find waxes that are compatible with your specific ceramic coating. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to the maintenance of your ceramic coating is to leave it in the sun for long periods of time. You should avoid parking your vehicle in direct sunlight. This is because the sun can cause heat to crack your ceramic coating. It is also important to wash your car in a shaded area to prevent water spots from forming. 

After you’ve finished washing your vehicle, you should use a maintenance booster to fill in any scratches in your ceramic coating. This is particularly important if your car has recently been painted, or if you haven’t had the chance to use a sealant to protect it. 

You should also consider having a professional detail your vehicle to ensure that it’s free from any damage caused by car wash procedures. These professionals can use a specially formulated ceramic spray to help keep your car looking new and pristine. They can also test your car to ensure that it’s not suffering from any high or low spots that are caused by improper cleaning methods. 

You can also use a quick detailer like Ceramics Gloss Enhancer to remove water spots and light soiling. You can also use a spray sealant such as BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant to keep your ceramic coating squeaky clean. It’s a quick and easy-to-use product that will add a layer of SiO2 to the surface of your vehicle. 

Having a ceramic coating is a blessing for serious car enthusiasts. It will keep your vehicle cleaner and safer. You can install the ceramic coating yourself, or you can have a professional do it for you.