How to Deep Clean the Interior of a Car 

There are several ways to deep clean your car’s interior. Whether you are trying to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet, seats, floor mats, or windshield, these tips will help you keep your car looking great. Taking the time to clean your car’s interior can also make it a fun activity for kids and dogs. 

Cleaning the windshield 

Taking care of the windshield in your car is an important part of car maintenance. It is not only a protective measure against the elements, but it also enhances visibility. The glass should be regularly cleaned to keep it smudge-free and able to provide clear visibility. Keeping the windscreen clean will also help you to stay focused on the road. 

Before you start cleaning the windshield, you should have the following materials handy. The first thing you will need is a dry microfiber towel or cloth. This will help prevent streaks and prevent the cleaner from soaking through the glass. Using a towel, you can wipe the windshield one side at a time. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel and soak it in denatured alcohol or soap water. 

Cleaning the floor mats 

Clean the floor mats in a car with an all-purpose automotive cleaner. Scrub the mats by striking them against a hard surface to remove any loose sand or debris. Once the mats are completely dry, you can vacuum them to remove any excess water. Ideally, you should use a vacuum with a wet/dry vac attachment or a hose attachment. 

If you have cloth floor mats, you can use the washing machine to clean them. Use detergent and cold water and a gentle cycle, and let the mats air dry. Fabric mats absorb liquids and retain odors, so cleaning them is not as simple as cleaning rubber ones. If you have carpet-style mats, you can use old-fashioned soap and water. You can also try homemade car carpet shampoo. 

Cleaning the carpet 

The first step in cleaning the carpet in a car is to remove the seats and center console, as well as any molding pieces. This way, you can better access the carpet and allow it to dry. You can also use a stiff brush to get rid of larger stains. After rinsing it thoroughly, you should dry the carpet thoroughly. If you notice any stains left, you can apply hand sanitizer or baby powder to them. 

Once the carpet is dry, you should rinse it thoroughly with clean water. You can also use a special cleaning solution for carpets in cars. Ensure that you do not use too much soap. Use a circular motion to scrub out the dirt and grime. Then, use a clean cloth to absorb excess moisture from the floor. Vacuuming helps the carpet dry quicker and helps the fibers stand upright. 

Cleaning the seats 

When cleaning the seats in your car, you need to know how to clean them effectively. First, make sure that you pick up any debris. You can use baby wipes to do this, or you can use a cleaning towel. If you do not want to use a cleaning towel, you can use a hand-held vacuum cleaner. You need to take off the seat covers and any removable padding before cleaning the seats. 

A homemade car seat cleaner is easy to make and contains ingredients that you already have in your home. Mix up a few tablespoons of cleaning solution with water, vinegar, or dish soap. Spray the solution on the seat, and scrub gently to remove any stubborn stains. Remember not to scrub too hard, or you’ll risk damaging the seats. 

Cleaning the odors 

If your car’s interior is starting to smell, you should take action immediately. First, you should make sure that there’s no visible source of odors. If the smell is coming from the back seat, you probably have puke that’s hidden under the cushions. If this is the case, you should remove the rear bench and fold it forward. 

Another common cause of the odor is food or sticky coffee. Look into all compartments and pockets, behind the seats, and even under floor mats to determine where the smell is coming from. You can also throw out the smelly objects to remove them from the car. After cleaning out these areas, you can leave the car’s windows open for a few hours to air them out. This is only the first step, though.