How to Choose Car Detailing Towels 

Using towels to clean your car is an essential part of the detailing process. These towels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, so you will need to make a selection that will suit your particular needs. Choosing the right towel for the job can save you time and money. 

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First, you should choose a towel that is the right size for the task. Smaller towels are more suitable for interior cleaning, while a large towel is better for exterior surfaces and final vehicle wipedowns. You should also test the towel before use. 

A quality towel will be soft to the touch, enabling you to safely protect your paint. You should also consider lint-free towels to avoid leaving residues on your vehicle. You should also look for a high GSM rating, which means the towel is more absorbent. A low GSM towel may cause damage to your vehicle’s paint. 

The best towels are made from microfiber. This material is more absorbent than cotton and is great for the washing and polishing of your vehicle. The fabric itself is made up of a combination of polyester and polyamide. This substance has a unique wave structure that helps the towel to absorb more liquid and dirt than cotton. 

A thicker microfiber towel will help you get the job done more quickly and easily. You will also notice fewer streaks on your vehicle’s finish. The microfiber towel is also more hygienic and won’t stain your car. 

You can buy a variety of different microfiber towels. You can also buy other materials for your microfiber towels, like terry cloth. These terry cloth towels are great for both interior and exterior cleaning. The terry cloth is more durable than the microfiber. It isn’t lint-free, but it is better at absorbing water and is also durable enough to handle several washes. 

Another thing to consider is color. You can find colored towels that won’t transfer color to other things in the washer. You should also be careful with towels that are laser cut. The edges can scratch your paint. 

The best microfiber towels will be durable, with tight fabric threads, which will also increase their strength. The best of the bunch should have a high GSM and be edgeless. They should also be a decent size and fit your hands perfectly. 

A good microfiber towel will also be able to hold up to repeated washings. If you’re looking to save money on your towels, you can invest in a bulk set of towels. This will reduce the cost of purchasing new ones every month. Whether you’re a car detailer or a home user, you can benefit from a good set of microfiber towels. 

In addition to these three features, a good auto towel should be able to tolerate continuous washing and drying. Getting the correct towel for the job will ensure that you’re doing the job correctly and that your product will last.