How to Care for Vinyl Leather?

Vinyl Leather

Vinyl leather is a versatile material used as an alternative for authentic leather. It is a stylish yet durable material choice for clothing, footwear, bags, furniture, and more. Caring for your vinyl leather is important to keep its original texture and for it to last longer. Here are the four (4) easy ways that you can do to keep your faux leather shiny and functional. Contact us to learn more about auto detailing charlotte nc

Dust Regularly

Regular dusting is important in order to prevent the buildup of grime and dust that can cause allergic reactions to you and your family. If you have vinyl leather as a material for your couch or car seat, you can consider dusting it at least once a week using a proper dusting tool or a vacuum. These are efficient tools that will prevent the dust from spreading back into the air.

Wipe Down

Not all impurities can be removed by just dusting alone. If you notice that there are stubborn impurities left even after you’ve dusted your leather, then it is a sign that you now have to wipe it to ensure that the impurities are removed. Whether you have a bag, belt, shoe, jacket, or couch that’s made out of vinyl leather, habitual wiping is an important step in keeping it shiny and presentable. This can be done by simply dipping a non-abrasive cloth in warm water and then use it to wipe off all the dust, stains, and other impurities stuck in the leather. Once the impurities are removed, you can then use a dry cloth to wipe the excess water.

Deep Clean

Vinyl leather couches and car seats have to be thoroughly cleaned every two (2) weeks to ensure that it maintain its durability. Using the right cleaner and conditioner for this material is essential to restore its natural look in the safest way possible. There are a lot of cleaners available in the market today and it is of utmost importance to always test a new cleaner first to eliminate any unfavorable effect. Nonsense All-Purpose Cleaner is one of the best products to try if you’re looking for an ideal cleaner for your faux leather. It is odorless and cleans without leaving any chemical residue in your leather. In the absence of leather cleaner, you can use a non-detergent soap but mix it with water. It is highly recommended to use a soap that is both colorless and odorless.

Apply Vinyl Protectant

After scrubbing the dirt and wiping the excess residue off your vinyl leather, you may then apply a vinyl protectant product. This protectant can help keep your leather looking newer for longer. The product usually comes in a spray bottle but instead of spraying the protectant directly onto the leather, it is recommended that you use a cleaning pad. Spray the product onto the cleaning pad and then massage it into the leather. After applying the product to all the leather surfaces, you may then wipe the leather using a towel to remove any excess product.

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