How Much Is a Full Car Detailing? 

Depending on the car detailing services you select, prices will vary. Most detailers will offer a wide range of pricing options. Some charge by the hour, while others offer a la carte services or tiered packages. These options are useful for budgeting. 

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The most cost-effective car detailing services include a car wash, shampooing the carpet and upholstery, and protecting the plastic and rubber surfaces of your vehicle. You may also want to add additional services such as interior vacuuming and a window wash. The cost will vary depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. 

The cheapest detailing services are likely to be for a small car, such as a hatchback. Larger cars will have higher pricing ranges. These larger vehicles require more time and resources to detail. Depending on the services you select, you could end up paying upwards of $175 for a comprehensive detail. 

There are many other factors that can affect the cost of car detailing. Some detailers will offer add-on services such as pet hair removal, water spot removal, and windshield rain repellant. These services can add an extra $15 to $50 to your detailing bill. 

The cost of detailing a car will depend on the level of contamination your vehicle has. Exterior contamination is caused by embedded brake dust, road tar, and baked-on tree sap. These contaminants are removed through decontamination steps, which can increase the performance of your car’s wax and paint sealant. It may also take more time to detail a car if it’s in poor condition. The cost will also depend on the location of the detailing services. 

The cost of detailing a car is a lot higher in some regions, like Oregon, where the average price can hit $300. The national average for detail services in the United States is $140 to $160. However, some detailers will use apps to estimate the price of their services. This is a great way to get a better idea of what a reasonable price is in your area. 

The best and most cost-effective car detailing services include: removing grease, dirt, and road salt from under the hood of your car; vacuuming the cabin and mirrors; washing the windows and interior; shampooing the carpets; and protecting the hoses and belts. These tasks will not only make your vehicle look better, but will also protect its resale value. 

The most expensive detailing services include complete interior and exterior detail, which includes: headlight restoration, major paint correction, and engine compartment detail. These services are likely to take several days, if not a few weeks, to complete. A complete interior and exterior detail will cost you close to $1,000. Adding in paint protection will increase the cost even further. 

A full car detailing package will also include a thorough wash and wax, and a protective coating to protect the paint on your vehicle. Depending on the detailing company, these services can also include steam cleaning and exterior detailing.