Cost of Auto Detailing

A recently detailed automobile is loved by all. The various car detailing services and their associated projected costs are shown below.

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Who doesn’t like an automobile that has just been detailed?

The issue is that if it has been a while since your previous cleaning, there may be too much work for you to complete on your own.

How much should you budget for auto detailing?

The cost of car detailing depends on the services you choose. Expect to pay between $100 and $175 for a basic interior/exterior cleaning (which includes shampooing the seats, carpets, and cargo area).

If you include a few extras like an exterior wax, scratch removal, and engine bay cleaning, the price range rises to $265–565.

Fortunately, this guide will cover all the information you might possibly need to know about auto detailing services, including their price.

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Different Car Detailing Services

Hand Wash: $10-$50

A simple hand wash should be all that is required for an exterior wipe-down. Usually, this refers to both the inside and outside.

Depending on the size and condition of your car, this service typically costs between $10 and $50.

Here is what you can anticipate receiving:

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wash exterior
  • Clean wheels/tires
  • Dust cracks with air compressor
  • Dry

Carpet Shampoo:  $40-$60

A wonderful technique to maintain your car’s resale value is to shampoo the carpet. In addition to preventing mold and odors, if done seasonally, it ought to keep them looking brand new.

The trunk or back cargo space may or may not be included in the $40 to $60 price range for this service.

Expect a $5–$15 rise if not. Remember that it’s ideal to vacuum your carpets first before shampooing them, so you might want to combine it with a straightforward hand wash as well.

Upholstery/Leather/Vinyl Cleaning: $40-$60

Yes, often it costs extra to cleanse and condition leather surfaces. As the seasons change, it’s a fantastic idea to have this done every three to six months or so.

Leaving filth and dust on your cloth seats will hasten their aging, in case you didn’t know. When it comes to leather, getting them cleaned and condition ensures that the leather doesn’t dry out and split.

How much should you budget for this service?

Depending on the state of the seats, $40–$60.

Headlights/Taillights/Exterior Trim Polish: $60-$70

Since the housings for the headlights and taillights are frequently constructed of polycarbonate plastic, they are not made of the same material as the body panels. As a result, other compounds are required to make them shine, such as chrome. The same is true for some external trim components.

How much would it cost to clean and polish these? Expect it to raise the overall cost of detailing your automobile by $60 to $70.

Exterior Wax: $50-$100

One of the best detailing procedures for preserving your car’s resale value is having the exterior waxed.

Wax protects your paint from things like UV rays, minor dings or scratches, and acidic bird droppings that can discolor it.

Wax will eventually fade off, requiring reapplication around every three months.

How much will this service increase the price of polishing your car? $50 to $100, depending on the size of your car and the kind of wax you choose.

Paint-less Dent/Scratch Removal: $80-$150

Before, the only alternatives for fixing a ding or a dent on your car were to have it painted and sanded down.

Fortunately, paint-less dent repair (PDR) is now available, which, as its name suggests, doesn’t need painting. This expedites dent repair and lowers the cost as well. PDR won’t work, though, if the paint is chipped or the metal has creases in it.

You might be able to take care of scratches yourself at home.

If not, anticipate that either of these services will increase the cost by an additional $80-$150. However, it may be significantly more if there is significant damage.

Undercarriage/Chassis/Engine Bay Cleaning: $5-$145

Even though they are hidden from view, they may still be dirty. We’re talking about the parts of your automobile that you don’t typically see, such the undercarriage, the chassis, the wheel wells, and the engine compartment.

There are many unpleasant things on the road, many of which are detrimental to the health of your chassis and undercarriage, especially if you allow them to sit.

Fortunately, having it wiped down every few months can help prevent corrosion.

The application of a degreaser normally happens after steam cleaning the engine bay. After that, a conditioner is sprayed on the silicone, rubber, and plastic components to prevent drying out and prevent cracking and breaking.

How much would it cost to use one of these auto detailing services?

According to how filthy they are. Spend an additional $5 to $50 on your chassis and substructure, as well as an additional $35 to 145 on your engine bay.