Most of us are diligent about keeping the interior and exterior of our vehicle clean, but what about our engine? When it comes to the performance of your car, a detailed engine is an essential element.

A clean engine is important if your car is used to get you to work every day or a classic that has very little mileage. The truth is, keeping your engine detailed provides more than a clean appearance. If you’re having an engine detailed, here’s what you can expect to pay.

How Much Does Engine Detail Cost

The cost of engine detail depends on if you’re doing it yourself or having it done professionally. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll have the financial burden of buying the necessary equipment.

Hiring a professional to detail your engine will depend on the type of engine you have and the nature of the detailing you choose. Will you get basic engine detail or a deep clean? It’s also important to know what cost to expect based on the type of detail job when hiring a professional. Keep reading more details below to learn more about the cost of cleaning your engine on your own or hiring a pro.

DIY Engine Detail Versus Hiring The Professionals

DIY Engine Detail

Detailing your car engine yourself will cost you more time than money. For example, before detailing your engine on your own you should cover key electrical components, plastic parts, and disconnect the negative terminal from your battery (i.e. you can also completely remove the battery). Covering the engine intake is also important. Now, it’s important to find the right engine spray for your engine detail project. You’re essentially cleaning the bay area of your engine and the average engine detail spray will cost $7 to $25 dollars at your local auto store.

You can also find engine detail cleaner that works with or without water. If you use water to detail your engine, a regular garden hose should never be used. Plan to invest in steam equipment if you want to make the most of detailing your car engine. Plan to spend at least three and a half hours if you’re detailing your car yourself.

Professional Engine Detail

A professional engine detail depends on the type of engine you have and your budget. Pro engine detailing can cost $100 to $400. A larger or more detailed engine will cost more to have cleaned professionally. However, they’ll have all the necessary equipment to provide professional results. An expert will be highly knowledgeable with how to protect your engine parts and giving your engine a deep clean. Best of all, professional equipment is guaranteed to remove more dirt and grime. Be prepared for it to take an hour or more if you’re having a professional clean your engine.

The cost of having your engine detailed is worth the improved performance and expanding the life expectancy of your engine.

To learn more about the cost of professional engine detail, you’re encouraged to contact your local detail shop today.

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