How much does FC Auto Detailing charge for a mobile car wash? 

Regular car maintenance, including proper cleaning, is essential for preserving the appearance and value of your vehicle. With the convenience of mobile car wash services offered by FC Auto Detailing, car owners can enjoy a hassle-free and professional cleaning experience without leaving their location. However, as with any service, pricing is a crucial consideration for customers. In this article, we will explore how FC Auto Detailing determines its pricing for mobile car wash services and what factors can influence the cost. (Looking for “mobile detailing Charlotte NC“? Contact us today!)

  • Customized Packages: 

FC Auto Detailing offers a variety of mobile car wash packages, each with different levels of service and pricing. The packages are designed to cater to various needs and budgets, ranging from basic exterior washes to comprehensive detailing services. 

  • Car Size and Type: 

The size and type of your car can impact the pricing of the mobile car wash service. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, generally require more time and resources for cleaning, which can influence the cost. 

  • Condition of the Car: 

The current condition of your car can also affect the pricing. If your car is heavily soiled or requires additional cleaning steps to remove stubborn stains, the service may be priced higher to account for the extra effort and time required. 

  • Level of Detailing: 

The mobile car wash packages offered by FC Auto Detailing vary in the level of detailing provided. Basic packages may include exterior washing, while more comprehensive packages may include interior cleaning, waxing, and other additional services. 

  • Location: 

The location of your car can also influence the pricing. If you are located far from FC Auto Detailing’s service area, there may be additional fees for travel and transportation. 

  • Frequency of Service: 

Some mobile car wash services offer discounts for customers who schedule regular appointments. If you book recurring services with FC Auto Detailing, you may be eligible for special pricing or loyalty rewards. 

  • Additional Services: 

FC Auto Detailing may offer optional add-on services, such as headlight restoration, tire dressing, or clay bar treatment. These services may come with their own pricing and can be added to your chosen package. 

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: 

FC Auto Detailing’s commitment to eco-friendly practices may be reflected in its pricing. Their use of water-efficient techniques and environmentally conscious products could influence the overall cost. 

  • Customer Requirements: 

At FC Auto Detailing, the pricing for mobile car wash services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you have specific preferences or special requests, the pricing may be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Transparent Pricing: 

FC Auto Detailing believes in transparent pricing, providing customers with clear and upfront information about the cost of their mobile car wash services. This allows customers to make informed decisions based on their needs and budget. 


FC Auto Detailing’s pricing for mobile car wash services is designed to offer customers flexibility and choice. With a range of customized packages, customers can choose the level of detailing that suits their needs and budget. Factors such as car size, type, condition, and location may influence the pricing, but FC Auto Detailing’s commitment to transparent pricing ensures that customers are aware of the costs upfront. Embrace the convenience of mobile car wash services and experience the brilliance of FC Auto Detailing’s professional car cleaning on wheels. With their dedication to excellence and customized packages, FC Auto Detailing offers a hassle-free and reliable solution for maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your vehicle, all at a competitive and fair price.