Average Cost of Car Wash

The cost of a car wash service can vary depending on the location, services offered, vehicle size, and other factors.

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Different Types of Car Wash

  • Automatic Car Wash

The average automatic car wash cost isn’t too expensive compared to other types of car wash. The basic car wash costs around $10 to $20. Typically, an automatic car wash makes use of large brushes, high-pressure hose for water and soap, and a conveyor for pulling a vehicle towards the cleaning mechanisms within a tunnel structure. This process is a quick way to get your car cleaned.

  • Touchless Car Wash

It is the same with Automatic Car Wash this car wash type is also automated and more or less has a similar average car wash cost, which is around $10 to $30.  The only difference is that it uses high-pressure hose and strong detergents for washing the car. It has a lower chances of damaging car’s paint than the automatic car wash.

  • Hand Car Wash

A Hand Car Wash takes longer and is more expensive, usually costs around $20 to $30. But, the advantages are that it is more gentle on vehicles, as it doesn’t cause any scratches, and it also doesn’t leave watermarks after washing.

  • Full-Service Car Wash

It takes care of the entire car from the exterior down to the interior. This type of car wash can take several hours. It may also include other cleaning services and additional equipment or tools. The average costs would be around $50 to $120.

  • Mobile Car Wash

This type of car wash takes away the hassle of traveling to a car wash establishment. The service costs around $30 to $300.

  • Self-Service Car Wash

There are establishments provides coin-operated machines equipped with tools and settings that car owners can wash their cars themselves. It would usually costs around $7 to $15. An addition to that, they usually opens 24 hours. It would be the best option for those people who wish to save money but don’t have enough space or necessary tools for washing their car.

Reminder: There are also other factors that can affect the price you would pay.