How Long to Wait After Ceramic Coating to Wash Car 

A ceramic-coated car requires regular washing to keep it clean. This helps remove pollutants and prevent them from accumulating. For best results, use a professional car wash product. Avoid washing your car under direct sunlight or with a pressure washer or foam cannon. If you must wash your car, be sure to follow these simple steps. 

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1-2 weeks 

Some ceramic coating companies advise that you wait 1-2 weeks after the procedure to wash your car. This can cause the coating to wear out faster. Premature washing can also cause water spots on the finish. To prevent these problems, you should dry your car thoroughly after washing it. Avoid using tap water to wash your car, as this contains minerals that can cause spotting. 

When washing your car with a ceramic coating, you must use the correct water and soap mixture. Use a separate bucket for fresh water with a grit guard, and use the other bucket to wash your car with soapy water. 

Avoid washing car in direct sunlight 

When washing a car with a ceramic coating, it is best not to do it in direct sunlight. The sun will damage the ceramic coating. Besides, it can also cause water spots, which you can remove by using a special spot remover. The best way to wash your car is from top to bottom, avoiding the tires and wheel arches, where microscopic metal shavings and brake dust can accumulate. Also, avoid using your car wash mitts on the ceramic-coated paintwork. 

You can use a professional car wash product on your car, but you should avoid washing it in direct sunlight. The chemicals used in conventional car wash equipment can scratch the coating. The best way to avoid damaging the ceramic coating is to use a touchless car wash, which avoids the need for harsh chemicals. You can also use special car wash products that are designed for this type of coating, which is non-corrosive and safe to use. You should also avoid using abrasive cleaning products because these will cause your car to become scratched. 

Avoid washing the car with a pressure washer 

If you’ve recently applied a ceramic coating to your car, you should avoid washing it with a pressure washer. This method is prone to wearing out the coating. It’s not difficult to clean the ceramic coating, but you have to be careful not to scratch it. You can also use a spray-on boost spray to protect the coating. 

However, you should avoid washing your car in direct sunlight. This can cause the ceramic coating to crack, and heat can damage it. Avoid washing it during the hot summer months, and wash it in the garage or in the shade in the morning and late evening. 

Avoid washing the car with a foam cannon 

While it’s possible to safely wash your car after applying a ceramic coating, it’s best to avoid using a foam cannon. This can damage the ceramic coating. Instead, use a two-bucket method with a pH-neutral car wash solution. After washing your car, apply a ceramic coating maintenance spray and rinse thoroughly with a clean water source. 

A foam cannon can be attached to a pressure washer, and its top section has a fan that disperses the foam evenly. Spray the foam into straight lines, and wait at least five minutes before rinsing the vehicle. The foam will emulsify the dirt, lifting it off the paint.