How Long Will Your Car Be Dust Free After Car Detailing? 

Keeping your car clean is important and the best way to do so is to detail your car at least once a year. The benefits include a longer life span, a higher resale value, and the chance of you needing to do less maintenance. It also helps your engine run smoothly, which results in lower gas and oil usage. 

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There are many car detailing products available on the market that will help you achieve the ultimate shine on your vehicle. They will work best if you follow the instructions in the letter. If you don’t, however, you may wind up with a shiny but dusty vehicle. 

First, you should consider the different surfaces you need to clean. This can be anything from your interior to the exterior. Using the right cleaning solution will remove the dirt without stripping your paint. You should also keep in mind that most detergents require water to dilute. 

Next, you’ll want to look at your vehicle’s dashboard. This area of your car is a great place to test out a product, such as an aerosol silicone dashboard protectant. Despite the name, these sprays don’t actually attract more dust, but they do leave a film on your dash that helps to reduce glare. 

While you’re at it, you should check out your steering wheel and other interior surfaces. The best way to do this is to use microfiber towels to wipe up any excess dirt. Using a damp towel will help lift the debris off the surface and prevent it from resettling. Those who don’t have access to a microfiber towel might want to purchase one of the many products available on the market. 

To finish off, you should use a quality car cleaning solution and a good detailing cloth. This will make the process faster and more effective. Be sure to use a damp towel to wring out any excess solution and apply the correct amount of pressure. Finally, be sure to wipe off the resulting dust. 

If you have a classic car in your garage, you may have a problem. Dust tends to stick to the exterior of a vehicle, even when you vacuum the carpet. As a result, using a microfiber cloth is a safe and relatively quick way to clean your car. 

Using the right car detailing product is the easiest way to keep your car looking brand new. You should also take the time to wash your floor mats and remove any crumbs, bugs, and other debris. Using a WD-40 can help you deal with these issues. However, you should be aware that WD-40 can stain your carpet and can inhibit the performance of your auto detailing products. 

In general, you should have a few types of car detailing supplies on hand, including an all-purpose cleaner, a good wax and a microfiber towel. Also, be sure to get a good lubricant for your paint. These will not only help your car run smoother, but they will also extend the life of your paint job.