How Do You Wash a Car With a Ceramic Coating? 

If you have a ceramic coating on your vehicle, it is important to know how to wash it correctly to ensure that the protection is intact. In fact, knowing how to wash a car with a ceramic coating can have a direct impact on the way it performs, how long it lasts, and how well it maintains its looks. 

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First, it’s important to understand that you should not wash your car within seven days of applying the ceramic coating. This is to allow the coating to fully cure your vehicle’s surface. It is also recommended that you wash your car every 1-2 weeks to help maintain the protective properties of the ceramic coating. 

PH-neutral Car Wash Soap and Snow Foam Shampoo 

When washing your vehicle, it is important to use a ph neutral car wash soap and snow foam shampoo to keep the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating intact. You should avoid harsh chemicals and wax cleaners as they can degrade the ceramic coating. You can also opt for a professional-grade aftercare shampoo that is ph neutral to maintain the ceramic coating and make it last longer. 

Pressure Washer or Two Buckets and Grit Guards for Wheels and Sills 

Using a pressure washer with either a foam cannon or the two-bucket method is an effective way to clean your ceramic-coated car. This method requires the use of one bucket for rinsing the surface and another for the soapy water and a grit guard to protect the paintwork from scratches. 

You should also use a separate wash mitt for the wheels and sills. These areas tend to collect brake dust and carbon deposits, which can damage the paintwork of your vehicle if they are not cleaned properly. 

It is best to use a soft cloth and soap designed specifically for a ceramic coating when washing your vehicle. This will prevent scratches and other damage to the paintwork of your vehicle. 

The soap should be a ph-neutral vehicle shampoo, such as Shift. It is a high-quality blend of surfactants that will help you to get your vehicle clean, without stripping away the beautiful ceramic coating. 

Once you have the right products, it is easy to do a good job on your vehicle. However, it is important to be consistent with the way you apply these products. If you are not consistent, the product may not be compatible with your ceramic coating and may end up damaging the paintwork of your vehicle. 

Aside from the soap, it is also important to choose a washing method that won’t strip your ceramic coating. You can either use a pressure washer or the two-bucket method and a ceramic coating maintenance spray to clean your car and to ensure that the ceramic coating maintains its appearance and protection for as long as possible. 

Lastly, it is essential to park your car in an area where the sun isn’t too hot. The heat from the sun can dry the car wash shampoo too quickly and can cause streaks, water spots, and other damage to your car.