How do you detail a white car?

Car Detail

So, you’ve done it; you’ve purchased that nice, shiny white car from the dealership lot, or maybe you have purchased a used white car from a friend and are wondering how to make it look new again. Detailing a white car can be somewhat of a daunting task; white cars simply do not look good when they are not shining. But you shouldn’t avoid purchasing that white car because of the exterior maintenance. There are many great reasons to purchase a white car: they hold their value more than other cars with different colors, and they have a classic look that never goes out of style. White cars show dirt, though, but detailing your white car yourself is not hard, and there will be some quick tips in this article to help you keep your white car clean in between washes. Contact us to learn more about mobile detailing charlotte nc

As the owner of a white Toyota Camry named Roxanne, learning how to keep her clean has been a bit of a process, but detailing your white car is a process that is very simple once broken down. To start, you will need a clean car. You can clean your car at a car wash, but you should avoid automatic car washes because they can chip the car’s paint and damage the clearcoat, which is something we do not want when detailing your white car. Always use mild detergents made for washing cars and non-scratch sponges/towels. You will also need a simple exterior detailing spray with a protectant, interior surface protectant, and microfiber wipes. The things you will need to keep your car clean in between washes/detailing will be listed later in this article.

Exterior Detailing:

Once you have cleaned the exterior of your white car, you will need to dry it quickly with non-scratch towels; microfiber towels are preferred. Drying your white car with a high-quality towel will prevent water spots and paint scratches. After cleaning the car, apply your detailing spray with a microfiber applier. Avoid using expensive exterior detailer sprays, such as ceramic sprays. Ceramic detailing is meant to be done by a professional, and while it can look nice, it is difficult and expensive to maintain. Most exterior detailing sprays can be used on paint, tires, and glass; they also come with a protectant that will make your white car shine, so multiple sprays are unnecessary. After applying the spray, wipe the car with a microfiber towel to prevent streaking.

Interior Detailing:

After the exterior has been cleaned and detailed, you may know to move on to the interior. You should begin by vacuuming the car’s carpeting/upholstery and dusting the car’s plastic surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Now, you must apply an interior detail spray to the car’s plastics, and an interior detail spray will keep the car’s interior shining. And again, make sure to wipe down the surface with a microfiber cloth to prevent streaking. Also, a separate leather detailing spray may be needed if your car has leather upholstery. Most interior detailing products are scented to leave a clean smell, but you may use your favorite car deodorizer for that last touch.

Keeping Your Car Clean:

What are the best auto detailing products? As you may know, a white car can get dirty quickly, and you want to keep your details looking as good as possible. Making your details last longer is simple! When using the spray, your exterior detailing spray can be used to clean dirty spots between washes; just make sure to wipe the dirt away with a non-scratch sponge or microfiber towel. The interior of a white car usually stays clean longer than the exterior. Still, I recommend purchasing a small vacuum cleaner to clean cars to keep your car’s carpeting/upholstery clean. Cleaning heavily soiled carpeting/upholstery will require professional shampooing, but this can be prevented if you maintain the interior.

While detailing a white car can be a bit of work, these tips should help you keep that detail lasting longer and your white car shining like new. I hope this how-to detail of your white car helps!

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