How do you clean a dirty car interior?

Car Interior

Car interiors can easily attract dirt and bacteria, especially if you’re not constantly cleaning your car. Cleaning your car’s interior is as important, if not more, as cleaning the exterior of it. Maintaining your car cleaned increases its value, plus, it’ll make you feel good whenever you go for a drive. Cleaning the entire interior of your car can take a while, but once you have a list of everything you have to do, you can organize things better. Here’s what you need to know. Contact us to learn more about mobile detailing charlotte nc

Step 1: Remove garbage

Some people tend to leave garbage, such as cans, snack wrappers, etc, inside the car. Not only does it call every time a bug is near the area, but also will most likely accumulate over time. Start with taking out what doesn’t belong inside your car.

Step 2: Wipe the Center Console

For this, you can use a regular house cleaner with an old towel, a glass cleaner also works just fine. Instead of an old towel, some specific wipers were created to clean cars. You can work your way from the cleanest to the dirtiest area. Take your time to clean the gearstick, the steering wheel, and the dashboard. If there’s a space that is too small for your hand, use an old toothbrush to gain access to those areas.

Step 3: Clean the windows

Use a towel, some recommend microfiber towels since they’re gentle and prevent damage to the windows, and drench it with a window cleaner solution. Avoid using ammonia; this ingredient can severely damage your windows. Use a circular motion to clean every window inside your car. With a dry microfiber towel, use a circular motion to polish your windows.

Step 4: Vacuum the floor and the ceiling

Remove the floor mats first and clean them separately. You can return them to the car once you’re done vacuuming. Start by vacuuming the ceiling, which is the easiest part, then start with the floor. Leave the seats for later. Be aware that you have to use different nozzles to access different areas. Move the seats to clean every single part of the car.

Step 5: Clean the seats

If your car has leather seats, grab a microfiber towel, the cleaning solution you prefer, and clean the entire seat. Leather seats need t to be conditioned as well, otherwise, the leather will lose its color and crack. If your seats are made of any other material but leather, then you have to vacuum the seat first and then apply a cleaning solution. Check the manual of the car to see which cleaners you are allowed to use with the material of your seats. Once you have applied the solution, vacuum again.

Step 6: Air freshener

After you finish cleaning your car, it’s time for the final touches. Install an air freshener with fragrance to make the car smell good. Return everything into place, and finally, leave the doors open for some minutes to let the air dry everything out.

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