Wondering how to maintain it in a brand-new condition? Worry not! Once you follow the fire tips, which we will discuss below consistently, maintaining your car in immaculate condition is undoubtedly possible.

1. Wash your new car:

You cannot avoid washing your new car. Once you buy it, there will be deposition of pollutants, dirt, grime, and so on. If you let them be, they will deteriorate the paint coat. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind when washing:

· You should use a microfiber cloth. It will not cause scratches on the surface of your car.
· You need to use a mild washing detergent.

You need to wash your car at least twice every week if you’re driving daily.

2. Use clay on your car:

With the help of detailing clay, it will become easier for you to remove any contaminants on your car’s paint. Claying is for contaminants that are not easily removed by washing the car. That is why, whether the car is new or old, you need to think about cleaning it. Only then can you remove stubborn grime, pollutants, and contaminants.

3. Polish your new car:

You need to follow this tip only when there is a stain or any defect in the paint coat of your car. Polishing will ensure that you remove the defect easily. The defect might have occurred when handing over your car to the dealership for servicing or maintenance as well. Once you polish your car, you can retain its brand-new look quite easily.

4. Use a car paint protectant:

Another tip which you can follow to protect your brand-new car is to use a paint protectant. The job of the paint protectant is to provide a protective layer that can insulate the environmental elements and UV rays from the paint coat of your car. With the help of such a layer, you will not have to worry about damage to the paint or the outer surface of your car. In case you aren’t able to get your hands on the paint protector, you can use car wax or a paint sealant as well. Most of the sealants are protectant and last for months together, and therefore you will not have to apply them again and again.

5. Always cover your car:

The last tip on our list is a common-sense tip. You need to use a cover for your car. You shouldn’t just use any cover. You have to use an all-weather cover for your car. It will protect your car against UV rays as well as any other kind of weather. Moreover, since your car will be covered, you will not have to worry about anyone scratching your car as well.

With these five tips, protecting your brand-new car will be easier than ever. You can retain its looks for years to come. Doing so will also increase the resale value of your car. There are quite a few incentives besides the aesthetic appearance of your car as well.

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