How do I keep my car shiny?

Car Polish vs. Wax

Certainly, we always want to keep the paint on our cars as it was the first day we acquired the car. But the reality is different. Environmental conditions and constant use make the good condition and appearance of the paint deteriorate. So if you want to keep your car shiny, you should follow these tips. Contact us to learn more about auto detailing charlotte nc

Do not use dry wipes

It’s frequent that shortly after you have your car, and with the desire that it looks in good condition, you use dry wipes to remove dirt. But doing this ends up being harmful since small scratches are created in the paint. So if you cannot wash your car, and you notice that it is full of dust, the best thing to do is to use wet clothes to clean it.

Washing your car

If you want to maintain the shine of your car and remove any dirt that may damage its brightness, it is advisable to wash it traditionally at least once a fortnight. If you do not have enough time to wash it, you can always leave it in a car wash, a place where the results for your car will be the best.

Applying a large amount of wax

If you want to enhance again the paint of your car and give it back the shine it had when you bought it, you should always apply wax. When the wax is applied, it will create an artificial layer that will protect the paint against humidity and dust. It is recommended to apply it at least once a month, and you will be able to verify how your car’s paint will remain in perfect condition.

Polishing the paint

As we indicated before, with time the paint will wear out, so applying a good polish will help to eliminate the scratches and thus enhance the colors of your car. But, you must keep in mind that when polishing the paint, you must be very careful since applying this activity incorrectly can affect the paint of the car. Therefore, it is recommended not to do this job if you do not have enough knowledge but leave it to the professionals to avoid any damage.

Quickly remove dirt, such as bird droppings

It always happens that some animals such as birds fall on your car when they do their needs, so when this happens it is best to clean it with a damp cloth as quickly as possible, do not let it take too long, because when they dry, these remains will be more difficult to clean and probably when you want to remove these remains you can damage or scratch the paint. Another delicate point of leaving bird droppings on the paint for a long time is that the paint will suffer more damage due to the action of acids.

Try to always park your car inside a garage or a place with a roof

This is important to keep the car’s paint in good condition, as well as the rest of the car, since it will keep the internal part of the car in good condition. This is because being under the shade, your car’s paint will be protected from the sun’s UV rays and environmental dirt, thus preventing the paint from wearing out.

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