When cleaning your car, it is important to spend some time focusing on the interior details as well as those of the exterior. To ensure that the car’s interior appears presentable, you need to pay particular attention to the plastic. Plastic, especially that found around the front seats and doors, can get dirty very quickly. Dirt will begin to accumulate on the plastic as the driver and passengers lean their arms on the doors, and touch the doors with their hands as they get into, and out of, the car. You may even find mud beginning to build around the base of the car’s interior close to the doors as people step into the car. With a bottle of car interior cleaner, a set of brushes, and a microfiber cloth, you can get to work cleaning the plastic found inside your car.

Make sure that you have the right interior cleaner before starting

It is important to remember that different car interior cleaners are manufactured for different materials. Glass, leather, plastic, metal, and other materials, can all be found in car interiors. You, therefore, need to read the instructions on the bottle of interior cleaner that you are planning to use to ensure that it is suitable for cleaning your car’s interior plastic. How do you clean a dirty car interior?

Brushes and microfiber cloths

Brushes come in different sizes, shapes, and rigidities. While a larger brush with more rigid bristles may be more suitable for stubborn dirt such as large amounts of dried mud, a smaller brush with softer bristles may prove more useful when working with lighter stains on smaller areas of plastic. You will also need a clean microfiber cloth. You should avoid using more common household cleaning cloths such as paper towels, as these are far more likely to scratch your car’s interior.

Applying the interior cleaner

Choose the most appropriate brush for the task at hand and apply the interior cleaner to the brush. While you can apply the interior cleaner directly to the plastic surface, it is better to spray it on the brush so that you can focus the interior cleaner on one small area at a time. Spraying the interior cleaner on the brush also prevents the liquid from running into other parts of the car. Next, begin brushing the plastic gently making sure that the interior cleaner comes into contact with the dirt. The interior cleaner will help to detach the dirt from the plastic surface during the next step. Remember to work slowly and patiently to ensure that as much dirt as possible will be lifted off of the plastic.

Removing the cleaner and the attached dirt

The final step is to wipe the area that you have applied interior cleaner to with a microfiber cloth. If you look at the cloth, you should notice that the dirt has easily transferred itself to it from the plastic surface. Repeat this process until all parts of your car’s interior plastic have been cleaned and look presentable. Working methodically and slowly, the interior plastic of your car should appear similar to how it did the day the car was bought!