How can I make my car shine without wax?

How do I keep my car shiny?

Making your car shiny all the time will boost your mood and improve your overall confidence. Keeping your car clean and polished is also necessary to maintain the value of your investment. Although car wax is a popular product used in car care, it is not absolutely safe. Just like candles, car wax does melt which can cause harm to your valued investment. Fortunately, there are other ways to make your car shine even without using wax so how can I make my car shine without wax?


Clean your car with buckets of water and soap. Regular washing is important to protect your car and to keep it looking shiny. The frequency of car washing will vary on your location, daily drive hours, and how you store your car. If you live in the city and have your car parked in the garage, then you may consider washing your car at least once a week. Washing is pretty easy but remember to remove the grimes first so that you won’t scrub it on your paint. To achieve that glossy finish, you can use a Ph-neutral shampoo to clean off the grimes and debris. This product is powerful enough to effectively remove the dirt off your car but gentle enough to protect your paint.


Washing your car is the most basic step in keeping it clean and shiny. However, there are some contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye. If not removed, these impurities will accumulate and can later damage your paint. Fortunately, decontamination products are now available in the market. Car iron remover is a non-toxic product that you can spray to your dry car to quickly remove the iron deposits and other bonded contaminants. Just simply spray the car iron remover on every surface of your car, especially the wheels, and leave it on for a few minutes. The iron deposits on your car will make the product turn into a purplish color. It only means that the product is working as it should. After letting the car iron remover sit for a few minutes, you may then rinse off the product with water and see your car shinier than ever. Another popular decontamination product is the clay bar. It is a product made out of resin material that’s commonly used in car care. Clay bar is effective in removing stubborn grimes that you can not get rid of by just using soap, car shampoo, and water.

Ceramic Coating

If you are among those who oppose the use of wax on cars, then the nano-ceramic coating is a great alternative for you. It can make your car look shinier compared to car wax and for a longer time. When done professionally, ceramic coating can be expensive. Fortunately, you can purchase your own nano-ceramic coating and apply it yourself to save a lot of money. With just a foam block and micro-suede applicator, you will be able to apply the ceramic coating in the comfort of your own home. After application, allow the ceramic coating to mend for 24 hours and ensure that your car remains dry this whole time. To maintain the shine of your car, continue using the Ph-neutral shampoo whenever you wash it.

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