How do you clean a dirty car interior?

Whether you are thinking of selling your car, or you simply want to improve your car’s appearance, there is never a bad time to try and make your car look like it is new. While a used car will never match the quality it once had as a new car, there are quite a few surprisingly simple things car owners can do to help make a used car look like it was bought only recently. By spending just a few hours of your free time to focus on restoring your car to a better state, you could have a car that you are not only proud to own, but also one that has potentially increased in value by the time you have finished.

Cleaning your car can make a big difference!

Cleaning your car is not simply a matter of quickly washing the car with a bucket of water and car shampoo, or taking the car to the car wash. You will be surprised about how crumbs, mud, damaged car mats, and pieces of trash can really damage the appearance of the car’s interior. Purchase a small selection of car cleaning products, as well as a car vacuum cleaner, and start cleaning both the exterior and interior of the car thoroughly. Make sure to check everywhere, including underneath the seats, in the pockets and containers, around the pedals, and within the gaps of the hubcap. It may be worthwhile to remove the seats to be sure that no trash is trapped anywhere. Remember that it only takes one piece of discarded paper or plastic to diminish the overall appearance of the car!

Check to see if all parts of the car are working as they should

Make sure to run a test of all of the car’s lights, including headlights, rear lights, brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights. You may want to ask a friend to check the lights with you and make sure that the brightness of the bulbs is still sufficient. Next, you will want to replace the engine oil, engine coolant and windshield wiper fluid if necessary. Look at the tires and make sure that they are properly inflated. Also, do not forget to always have a spare tire available and ready to be fitted. Ensuring that all parts of your car are functioning properly will add to the impression that, although it is a used car, it is well maintained and like new.

Get your car checked by a car mechanic

For less routine repairs and cleaning, speak to a car mechanic at an automobile repair store. Alongside making sure that your car is working properly, and that the parts have not deteriorated, staff at an automobile repair store can help with chips, dents, and scratches on the paint and glass. The cost of such repairs, and the value of the car, may be a consideration here; removing scratches, dents, and chips can become very expensive. However, the more the car can be restored, the more it will look like new.

Simple actions can do a lot to help restore your car!

Almost any car owner can return their car to a previous, better state through routine actions such as cleaning the car and checking its parts. By starting with some common car cleaning products, and moving on to more complex repairs, virtually any car’s appearance can be significantly improved!

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