How Big is the Auto Detailing Industry? 

The auto detailing industry has become increasingly popular in recent years, partly due to the high demand for used vehicles. Increasingly, retail consumers are looking for ways to make their older vehicles look newer. This demand is also partly due to the lack of new vehicles on the market. However, it is still unclear how large the industry is. We will discuss some of the major trends and the market for car detailing in the US and Europe.


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North America 

According to the North American Auto Detailing Association, the biggest market for automobile detailing is in North America. This region’s growing population and increased disposable income are driving the growth of the industry. In addition to this, many new automobile owners are taking more proactive measures to keep their vehicles looking their best. In addition, the increasing number of used and refurbished vehicles is stimulating the growth of the auto care market. To understand the dynamics of this growing industry, let’s take a look at the growth opportunities in this region. 

The auto detailing industry is highly competitive. To compete with existing businesses, you need to understand the competition in the market. The number of competitors in a particular city is critical when looking to open an auto detailing business. For instance, it’s better to open a business in a city that has a low number of auto detailing businesses than in a high-density area. In other words, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from existing companies and increase your customer base. 


The growth of car detailing in Europe is being fueled by the increase in automobile production and the miles driven by vehicle owners. The population in this region is relatively well-aware of the importance of car detailing and is increasingly seeking the services of a professional car detailer. The European market is also experiencing high growth due to the increased resale value of vehicles, and the increased demand for the services of professional car detailers. 

Almost 40 countries make up Europe, which is comparable in size to the United States. The European Union, which currently consists of 15 Member States, is the biggest market for auto detailing. The countries of Western Europe include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. These countries have a total of 200 million passenger cars, similar to the population of North America. This is why collision repair is such a large part of auto detailing in Europe. 

Latin America 

The auto detailing market in Latin America is growing rapidly. Despite the recession and the recent Corona Pandemic, the region’s automobile industry is expected to reach 63.8 million units by 2020. Mexico and Brazil lead the way in the region’s automotive industry, with both countries producing more than 2 million vehicles in 2020. However, the automotive industry in Latin America has been battling with low car sales for years. 

The region’s growing population and automotive fleets have given the region a solid boost in recent years, which is expected to boost the market for car detailing products. The region’s automotive industry is also expected to grow at a moderate pace in the coming years, which is good news for those in the industry. As of 2017, Latin America’s auto detailing industry saw a 12% increase in passenger car sales. 


The US auto detailing industry is expected to bounce back from a difficult first half of 2020, Morgan notes. Although there is still an overall shortage of skilled detailers, many detail business owners are thriving. Many are reporting their best year ever, but others aren’t faring so well. The key is to be well-prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing market and keep up with technological advances. In this article, we will take a look at the biggest challenges for the industry. 

The US auto detailing industry is driven by consumer demand. Consumers account for nearly 70% of industry revenue. The segment is broken down by income level. The highest demand comes from households earning over $150,000. In addition, consumers who earn under this income level aren’t likely to spend money on car detailing. Some people don’t pay for vehicle detailing, but many who can afford it continue to buy products and services. Many factors are driving the industry’s growth, and these trends will only continue to strengthen over the next few years.